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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Growing up as a skinny minny I had always dreamed about gaining weight. It was a struggle for me to reach 100 lbs after the age of 18. My family is often amazed how a person who eats like a horse could be as thin as a twig. That all changed when I reached the ripe age of 23. All of a sudden I was over 115 lbs and I did now even notice it. I did go down and maintained my weight. Getting pregnant and becoming a mother also added to the pounds around my tummy and thighs. Summer is just around the bend and he can't be stopped. Our pool is going to be ready in a few days but am I ready to brave seeing myself in the mirror wearing my two piece bikini? I think not. I have been struggling with my weight for a year now. Husband knows about my desire to loose 10 lbs and be healthier. He encourages me to do some exercise but I'm just to lazy to do so he suggested walking. It doesn't take a lot of time and I can even bring along my kids with me and do some scenic walk while we are at it.

Now, my walking will be like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. BeeWell Miles is donating $.15 for every miles logged at, this is to support the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Can you imagine a simple thing as walking can be a way of showing your support to all those women who has been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as there families. Not only will my walk be to help me loose some weight but it will have more significant importance if I dedicate it to all those breast cancer warriors who have passed away and to those who are still fighting. By logging in my miles starting this week until October, I will be helping raise roughly above $45. That is a two in bundle I get to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer and I'm also helping myself turn a new leaf to a healthier and fitter mom. Let us do this together and walk for a purpose.

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