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Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's finally getting warm enough that I can wear short sleeved shirts and even short. Starting this Monday the weather is suppose to be above 70 degrees and maybe just maybe it will warm the pool enough for us to use. Still summer is looming and we still haven't solidified our plans were to have a vacation. I'm worried about Kaitlyn, we took her to a carnival here in the city but she didn't get to have as much fun since she is very young. If she was old enough Kissimmee would definitely be in our plans. Kayla is old enough to be able to enjoy most of the rides and even the water rides. If we ever decide to go to Kissimmee, the fun and activities is not only limited to water parks and theme parks. The have outdoor activities where both the girls could see wildlife creatures, zipping down the zip line and even a ride on an air boat. They even have a mini golf game for the whole family. I would should love to try that out and see if I could beat daddy at it. As for Mom and Dad not to worry, there is a luxury and after dark activities fit for adults. How fun it would be to have that vacation for the whole family. For other families whose planning a vacation, this whole vacation could be won by your family! Kissimmee is giving away a 3 weekend getaways (3d/2n)for 2 and 2 week long vacations for a family of 4. Drawing was held 4/1/09, 5/1/09 and another one on 6/1/09 is still up for grabs. Hurry check out Kissimmee and join the sweeps take to win that much coveted vacation.



May 15, 2009 Friday we went to Kayla's school to show how proud we are of her. She was among the selected student to win a Wilbur Award for being such a good student. It's the school's way of encouraging the kids and rewarding the good traits and attitude towards teachers and fellow students. She looked so beautiful marching in the multi-purpose room. Kaitlyn was of course all over her sister and while they were seated on the floor she sat in Kayla's lap the whole time. Kayla's mom Dawnita was also there. It makes me happy to see that event like these she will know that she is very much loved. Kayla, we love you and Daddy, Menie(me), Grandma and Kaitlyn are so proud of you!


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