The Designers Chic

Monday, December 1, 2008


Having a husband who loves riding a motorcycle i hear a lot of things about what would make there ride look more cool. Ralph's brother Larry just bought a new motorcycle and he is looking into getting new accessories for his new love. All he needs is the right accessories to make his biker look be complete and i just found a way for him. I bet his bike would look amazing with harley davidson parts even though his ride isn't one. They have it all from Chrome accessories, to seats, to windshield, even alarms, locks and covers. If he wants his motorcycle to look and feel like a Harley Davidson RealHog is the place to get them.


Even though we really didn't have to go out to get the milk, burger rolls, and bread we still braved the cold since Kaitlyn really wants to go out. She has been pointing to her jacket and wanting to go ba-byes. I felt so sorry for her, MIL volunteer to get the stuff while we stayed at home but we opted to go with her so at least Kaitlyn can get outside. I dressed her up in her new hand-me-down outfits from her cousins. We were just going to be out for a little bit but still i dressed her up really good. While we were at Walmart she walked like she own the whole place, she didn't care if there were people waiting behind her to pass,heheheh.. They all thought she was adorable, to bad i forgot to bring her harness so she could have walked more in the store. Next time ill be sure to bring it with me.

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