The Designers Chic

Friday, November 19, 2010


Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have yet to buy all the stuff we need. I am quite happy this year with the thought about not having to clean up after. This year Thanksgiving will be at my BIL house. I am also looking forward to going on my 2nd year of black Friday sale. What I'm looking out for this years black Friday sale is a Kitchen Aid. It is expensive and I hate to ask my husband for one but I think I have been a good wife and mom this year and I deserve it, lol. When I do go on this black Friday sale, my eyes will also be in the look out for kids toys for my little girls. Ralph will be getting his holiday check anytime this month and we need to go shop for Christmas presents as soon as possible. It will also help us avoid last minute shopping. Do you have any great ideas for toys to get for girls between the ages of 3-8? Do share...

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