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Monday, September 15, 2008



Smokey is my mother-in-laws grey , fat no make it obese cat.He is gray with white coloring on his stomach and he has a white mustache. Loves and craves the attention. Doesn't like anybody petting his backside but loves getting belly rub. This cat is so fat that the blood circulation in your legs gets affected when he sits on your lap.

the black and white cat belongs to my husband. This cat on the other hand is very
shy,affectionate but such a scardy cat. He adores his daddy (husband) that when he is home he follows him everywhere even right through the bathroom. He doesn't like company and stays upstairs when daddy is at work. He will only come down at night where its quite and peaceful.

Lately, Smokey has been bullying poor Oreo. The fat cat would literally block Oreo's way and will attack him if he tries to pass. Sits on top of the stairs so Oreo would be stuck downstairs without any food coz his food is upstairs, just attack Oreo any chance he gets. He is very territorial downstairs.He patrols and protects his place.Daddy was so furious one time when he saw that Oreo lost a big chunk of fur on his face and was bleeding to. Went to his moms area of the house and showed her Smokey's doing. He was so upset that he kept glowering and threatening to get rid of Smokey. I never knew a cat could be such a bully but i know one,we have a bully cat.He knows that Oreo is such a gentle soul and he takes full advantage of the timid cat. I do get apprehensive about my daughter going near Smokey. But so far he has been good to the baby and never once showed anything but affection. If he tries to scratch or bite the baby he will certainly get the boot,not from my husband but from the owner my mother in law. No one hurts her sunshine (my daughter).

For cat owners out there could you please give me tips on how to solve this situation? I love both cats but I'm sick and tired of hearing them fight at night and picking up chunks of fur around the house...

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