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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In Today's economy every one of us are trying our best to find ways to improve our daily living. Trying to stretch a buck is like performing a miracle nowadays. My BIL Angelo has been trying to set up a restaurant business since he is such a great cook. The only problem is where can he get the money to open his own restaurant. I must admit he does not have a perfect credit score but its not that bad either. He refuses to get a loan from the Bank saying that he would rather find something that doesn't require a lot of paper works and doesn't need a big collateral. I thought maybe he should check out Personal Loans and see what they can do to help him.He can even get a loan for up to $15,000. If your like my BIL and in a tight spot check out Personal Loan Mania and read some of the FAQ that most customers ask. They can help, all you have to do is to check it out and see what they can do for you.


The weather has been so wonderful that it was time to take out the Dora sprinkler from its hiding place in the shed. Friday we had to drop off Kayla to her mommy's since she has to spend 3 out of 4 weekends with her mom. Saturday we left Kaitlyn with MIMA so daddy and I could wash off the boat and put the for sale sign on it. We got done before 12 and was home by lunch time. After we had some hot dogs we decided to let Kaitlyn have some fun outside with the Dora Sprinkler. She had a blast and would try to get Dora but the water would stop her, lol. She is such a trip, to bad her sister was not with her this time. So without further delay, here is my little actress.......


Spring is really here. We all are enjoying a beautiful warm weather where you can just go out without a sweater or jacket. The kids are specially loving it, they get to play outside with bubbles, chalks, the swing set and most of all the ever popular sand box. Everyone is preparing for Summer's arrival and with that Ralph also has to make sure to get a good credit check to know our financial standing. Ralph has been trying and working on improving his credit score by paying off some of the debts that he had. Its tough doing that since some of his debt has increased due to interests. When I get my papers in the mail Ralph will be getting me my own credit card so I will know how to handle paying my credit card bills and build up good credit. For a person that is not very familiar with using and having a credit card its important that to know some of the terms and what it means and this is where CARD HUB can help. They have a glossary of terms complete with explanation of what it is. That's one service you cant find in a lot of credit score checker. This summer be prepared and check it out.

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