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Thursday, July 21, 2011


July is not only my birth month, I share it with my sister as well. We get to have the same age for 10 days,lol. Does that mean we will be equal until she hits her birthday and is officially older than me again? We always use to joke with each other that there is no big and lil sister after my birthday. My sister's birthday is on July 24. My sister and I could have had the same birthday had my mother not elected induction. But since she wanted to be present for my sister's 1st birthday she had an induction and picked July 14. Why July 14? It's my fathers brothers birthday. As It turned out I had other ideas and refuse to share the same birthday with any of our relative, I was born on July 15,lol. I don't want to drag this on so here it goes :

To my one and only sister Mitzi, A Happy Happy Birthday to you. I may not say I love you enough but you are a big part of my heart and my life. You are an amazing sister, daughter and I know that you will be a wonderful mom to Alyssa. I am so proud of your achievement and I love you.


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