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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Never did I imagine that I would become a worry wart when it comes to my children's future. Yes its natural for a parent to worry about their children's future. The moment I became a mom was the moment I understood my husbands worry about getting the right life insurance. Now that my husband is considered middle age, he has taken it upon himself to find the best term life insurance quotes from different insurance companies. Everyone in my family has a life insurance but my husband wants to cover all the basis and get better life insurance if he can. My MIL turning 70 a couple of months ago has also been taking about her insurance. At first I didn't want to discuss things like insurance and funeral arrangement and benefits but I have come to the conclusion that If I want my kids to be taken cared of in case one of us passes away ,I have to pay attention and join in the discussion. Now I know the importance of finding the right insurance for our family.


Spring is my second favorite season while Summer will always come first in my heart. I don't usually enjoy spring season due to severe bouts of sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and watery eyes brought about by my allergic reaction to the many pollen in the air during Spring season. I do suffer a lot from Spring allergy but this year I looked forward to the beginning of mother natures rebirth.

Spring is usually my time to start loosing the weight gained from the cold winter months. I like to say that I hibernate in the winter, my excuse for eating and gaining weight. Its around these time that I try to exercise and go on a diet to loose that extra pound in order to fit into my bathing suit. I have held off taking weight loss supplement. However, this time around I got my hand on an all natural diet pill. I am more confident that the all natural diet pills side effects won't be as harsh as other diet pills. Exercise and diet is still on my agenda, the pill is just a small boost to help me start loosing the extra weight. I have already lost a fair amount of weight but it seems that I have plateaued . The pill will be the extra push to help me reach my goal. In due time I will be ready for my favorite season which is Summer!!!!!

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