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Monday, March 22, 2010


Having 3 cars is by no means an easy feat. Their is maintenance, gas, insurance, monthly payments and what not. When we got our latest car, a Jaguar Ralph probably got a lot of auto insurance quotes from different insurance company. I am stumped as to why my husband got a third car. He insists that he got the 3rd car for me, I know its a load of crap because I don't even know how to drive,lol. I am not to miffed abut it though since we did get the car at a good price and the interest was very low from hi credit union. Ralph does use it when going to work since its more efficient on gas and saves him money. I just worry about the payments and the burden that it puts on him. He assured me that in 4 years time we will be free from any payments when it comes to our cars. All we have to worry about is the insurance after all the cars have been paid off. I just hope that this year I will finally be able to drive. I just want to be able to drive myself somewhere or help out with errands so that I don't have to depend on my MIL to drive me around. I am really crossing my fingers on this one.


The other day while we were doing our running around and stopping by the furniture store Ralph talked about the plan for next years vacation. We can't do anything this year since I will be going home to the Philippines this summer. Because of that we may as well plan our vacation ahead so we have other options and choices. He talked about doing a time share on a cruise to the Bahamas and of course the Disney vacation. We should probably include Outer Banks vacation homes in our plans. The main purpose for the vacation is for the kids to have fun and so we can bond as a family. Ralph wants to go somewhere were the kids can ran free, and swim to their little hearts content. I know its still early to plan things but its better this way so we can put aside some money for our next impending vacation.


Who watches My Super Sweet 16 on MTV? I just finished watching the episode where Lil' Mama was coming out for her 16th birthday. I have never heard of her though maybe coz I am an old fart already? But anyway she is apparently a singer or rapper. The theme of her party was about coming out of a Princess. She wanted it big but most of all she wanted to celebrate it with her family. She wanted to make sure that her family looked gorgeous and nice for her big day so she got tuxedo for the male members of her family. I think it was cream or off white but the guys did look elegant and sophisticated. Of course every one looked great on the big day specially the birthday girl. I really don't approve of this show and how this young men and women and partying like crazy and getting cars like it was nothing. A part of me is sorry that this kids are growing up spoiled by the parents. I just hope this kids grow up to be successful persons not just spoiled brats.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


March has been a very very busy month for all of us. We have had about 2 appointments for the kids. One with the dentist and the other one to check out their eyes. Its was just the three of them that got an eye check-up, Daddy, Kayla and Kaitlyn. Yes, Kaitlyn is still young but with Ralph having eye problems we wanted to make sure that our kids have perfect vision of if they have problems it can be treated right away. This has Kayla's 3rd check up and so far so good she has normal 20/20 vision. She was so good and just did exactly what the technician wanted her to do.

The Picture below is when she had her eyes checked. They took pictures of her eyes to make sure that their was no abnormalities or whatever.

The second was the part where they had to blow air into her eyes to check for Glaucoma. I was kinda worried but she just laughed when she felt the air hit her eye.

Third picture is of me holding the princess bruiser Kaitlyn coz she was to small and they wanted her to feel comfortable while she was being checked. She is a very independent little girl. She refused to have me hold her head steady while she was looking into the machine. I finally gave up and just let her do it on her own.

Last part was when she was actually being check by the Ophthalmologist. Again, she refused help and wanted to just sit on the chair by herself. She had to kneel on the chair since she was to small but she was fine with it as long as she get to do it by herself.
She also has 20/20 vision on both eyes. The doctor said it was good to see parents bringing in a child early for eye check up. Kaitlyn will have to go back after a year this way she can interact better and her eyes is more developed. All in all I am just happy my kids are growing and developing healthy...

Saturday, March 20, 2010


While at Kmart today I happened to glanced at the many tabloid magazines near the check out counter. I happen to notice this article of Heidi Montag and Heather Locklear side by side. They were saying that the bombshell that has becomes famous for her notorious procedure done could looks like Heather Locklear when she is older. I always wonder why she thought she had to get 10 procedures done. I thought she already looked beautiful and sexy before she had all those surgery done. She looks good not but a much much older version of herself. Do you think women in Hollywood are obsessed with looking younger and more beautiful? I bet you they probably have a little booklet full of beauty secret that includes, skin firming creams, best anti wrinkle creams, acne products, eye cream and so much more. I do not know why we women put such burden on ourselves to look something we are not. It's a pity that we are sending out the wrong message to our young girls today. I hope that when my kids are older they will realize that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. It is up to us to teach our kids that Beauty is not only physical but how you perceive it and let it come out.


We have been out since 10 a.m. this morning and just got home about an hour ago. Spent probably 2 hours in Kmart just browsing around and getting the kids some stuff. While there I stopped at the cosmetic isle to check out the make-ups and some facial cleanser for my skin. There was a whole bunch and an isle full dedicated to women's facial skin care. I don't even know half what of them are for, It makes me leery about reading all the chemicals that are in the product that I can't even read,lol. I am better off on making my own home remedy for acne, this way I know what I am putting on my skin. It's probably not that hard to do, I know of some by browsing and reading some blogs that specialize in home made products ranging from soap, shampoo, lotion and many more. Its also cheaper making your own remedial solution for your skin and this way you can personalize it just for you.


That my friends is a picture of Kayla lying down on a dentists chair. We got her out of school early this month for our routine dental check up. Kayla was a trooper while being cleaned and examined by the dental hygenist even though I nor her daddy was not around. We had an appointment for all three of us and Ralph got called first. He took Kayla with him to let her see and assure her that when it was her turn she has nothing to be scared of. I was in the waiting area with Kaitlyn until I was informed by the staff that they were already working on Kayla and wanted to inform me. Of course I wanted to be there so Kaitlyn tagged along with me to where her big sissy was. I was so proud of Kayla for being so good and cooperative. Because she was so calm and happy about it, Kaitlyn in turn got the vibe that it was not scary at all. That was one of the reason why we took the little one with us so that when she will finally be seen by our dentist the next year she won't panic and have any fear of dentists like me. Seeing how relaxed her big sissy was while they were cleaning her teeth I am pretty sure we won't have a problem with Kaitlyn being seen by the dentist. I am really crossing my finger that Kaitlyn won't be scared of dentist like I was at her age.


Watching my favorite shows is just one of the ways I entertain myself. While I was pregnant with my youngest I used to watch medical shows like crazy, although I won't exclude my other non medical show. The one show that had me really laughing was My Wife and Kids starring Damon Wayans. One episode was about Michael (Wayans) getting a Colonoscopy to check his Colon for any abnormalities or problems. It was just so darn funny when it came to the part where the doctor was holding the instrument to be used for the procedure and breaking out into a song number. Mind you it just had me laughing like crazy. But before he had the procedure I think he had to prepare his body by taking some colon cleanse products. If a remembered correctly after the show ended Damon encouraged people specially of African American race to have their Colon checked. It was a funny episode but It also carried a public health service to make people aware that having routine Colon check up can help detect and catch Colon cancer at its earliest stage and have early treatment done. My MIL herself is thinking about getting her Colon checked and has been talking to Ralph about it. Whatever her decision is she know that she can always count on me and her sons to be their for her.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Having a long line of family members on my dad side who has bad acne, pimples or breakouts was enough to scare about my face. I never worried about my face until I hit puberty. One summer that I was in my hometown I had a nasty case of acne breakout on my face. Woah, I was flabbergasted and at a lost why all of a sudden I got this skin problem. I didn't know any acne remedy back then so I was not really able to treat it right away. Every time I see the few scar that was left on my face I am reminded of how reckless I was for ignoring my skin. I don't know if it was from over exposure to the sun or from dust. That was the worst acne breakout I have had . I do get occasional breakouts here and then but nothing as bad as before. Keeping in mind that aging is a process that all will have to go through, it is important that I take better care of my skin no matter what. Healthier looking skin means a younger looking you, wouldn't you think?


Now that is a lot of money right there! I just couldn't resist taking a picture of the money that Ralph was counting for the Girl Scout cookie sales. I am his little secretary when it comes to helping him count the money to make sure it was counted twice before he deposits the money in the bank. The most money I counted was $20,000 while I was working for a travel agency before. We had to list down the serial number every time a client pays in dollars.Wouldn't it be nice to have that much cash lying in the house?


For almost a week I have been trying my best to control my eating, exercise and hopefully get lean and loose some weight. It has not been easy on me. The first day I tried exercising, which I took very easy I lasted for 12 freaking minutes. I was huffing and puffing life crazy and thought I was going to pass out. The following day I was so sore that going down the stairs was pure agony. I know its not going to be easy but at least I'm really trying. There are days I have to push myself to even try and do a little bit of exercise. I want a little bit of help, maybe take something like diets pills,appetite suppressant, fat burner pills or anything that could help me shed a little bit of weight. Loosing that single pound is the key, once I see that It will keep me motivated to exercise. Starving myself is not helping in fact its only making things worst. Learning to portion my food intake and keep track of how much I eat and counting calories and what not should be my next move. I have to keep myself focused and motivated. Results come from hard work.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Spring is finally here and I am just giddy and happy as can be. I can wear jean more now since the weather is not that cold. I usually wear sweats in the winter time keeps my legs warmer. Only a couple of my jeans fit me perfectly. Finding jeans that is not to long and won't show my butt crack is hard to find. Having a big butt makes it hard for me to wear low rise or hipster kind of jeans. I could wear them but when it comes to bending down forget it,lol...The kind of jeans I wear are the boot leg style jeans. However I am liking the new skinny jeans that I got from a friend. Maybe I should try browsing through Joe's jeans and see what kinds of style they have. Durability and the fitting is important to me since I'm the kind of person that will keep wearing the same thing over and over again if I love it. Hopefully my diet and exercise will pay off so I can wear some of my old jeans,lol

Friday, March 12, 2010


For the past weeks, months Ralph has been nursing a cyst on his behind. It looked like a ingrown hair but it kept getting bigger,inflamed in short infected. He finally decide to see a doctor about it and he was told it was just in grown hair and was given antibiotics for it.Ralph never took the antibiotics and of course it kept coming back. Finally last Mar 12,2010 he could no longer tolerate the pain. It got to a point that he could not walk or sit down due to the the cyst being infected. MIL took him to the ER and it was there that they drained the cyst by taking a good size chunk of his behind,lol.. I felt so bad that I was not there with him, I had to stay with my kids. I cried when he called me and told me he wanted me there and he screamed when they drained it. His white blood cell was already to high due to infection so the ER surgeon decided to admit him so he can be given an aggressive dose of antibiotic thru his IV. It was better he stayed in the hospital so this way the infection can be monitored as well as his medication..

When we finally visited him the next day he looked so exhausted and drugged up with painkiller and antibiotics. He perked up when he saw his little princesses, he didn't want them to worry specially Kayla. Hopefully he will recover fast and the infection will clear up so he can have the go signal for his cyst removal surgery on the 1st of April. We love you daddy and we miss you here at the house.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Lets talk about me trying to loose some weight. I have said in previous posts that I really need to go on a diet and do some exercise, like running. Bearing that in mind I also said that I'll have to wait until spring to start jogging and running in our development. Ralph as a matter of fact reminded me that I didn't have to wait since we already have a couple of fitness equipment that I can use. He is absolutely right, I had forgotten his exercise equipment in the basement and the stationery bike in my MIL's room. The downside to exercising in the basement is its dreary, damp,cluttered and cold down there. I need something to look at or listen to while I'm working out. I really have no more excuses to make, If I want to look great for the summer and for my vacation I have better get my butt on the bike and that exercise thingy in the basement.


How many weddings have you been to and how many of those were you a part of the wedding entourage? As far as I can remember, I have been to 9 weddings and I was a bridesmaid in all of those. You saw the movie 27 dresses, well I was the 9 dresses. I guess you could say I'm a pro, lol. It was a compliment for me to be asked to be a part of a very special occasion where you see two people you love tie the knot and vow to be together forever. I enjoyed wearing different dresses, meeting new people and of course the food. And at every wedding I look forward to giving out and receiving the wedding favors chosen by the couple for the guests. Its unfortunate that I never did taken better care of the favors I got. I know for sure that when I do get married in the church, we will pick out something very personal and dear to our hearts.


Can you believe how time flies? My mind is somehow lost in twilight zone with the mentality that it was just Christmas a while ago. We were busy getting the house ready, decorating, the gifts and the family dinner. And now the next big occasion to celebrate is Easter. I feel like everything is moving fast forward while I am at pause.

In 4 months I will be going on my much anticipated vacation to the Philippines and I haven't begun to prepare my body for summer. Yup, Spring is just around the corner trying to lurk its little head from under Winters wing. I have tried working out on my own but I just need to be consistent and stay motivated. I don't want to resort to getting some prescription weight loss supplement like adipex to help me loose some weight. It has been on mind but I would really like to do it on my own first, then if I don't see any improvement then I will need all the help I can get. Come spring I am going to try and go running or just walking in our development. All I need is some baby steps to help me reach my goal.


I love looking at men with big bodies but not to big. My attraction for men has always run on the bigger side specially when it comes to physical appearance. That is why my husband is seriously thinking about loosing weight and working out again. He will have plenty of time in his hands after the first week of April. But, seeing that he we have surgery I don't know what the doctors recommendation is when it comes to working out. He does not really need to do a heavy work out, he just needs to loose weight and trim down his waist line. If he does decide to really work out and see great results he needs a testosterone boosters that work. Its just not to help him gain muscle fast but it will also help with his strength, stamina, sexual vigor and even energy. He needs to do this not just to look good in my eyes but also to stay healthy.


As a stay at home mom, I am the first one to admit that I do get bored. Who wouldn't get bored with just a child and pets for company and just the walls in the house. I can only take so much and I crave the freedom of going outside at times. While its still cold I do enjoy playing some great games online. I love playing Westward 1-4 but I was not able to play the 3rd installment since our old computer before didn't have the right video card for the game. But ever since we got the new computer I have not had any problems with playing online games. In fact the graphics of the games I play have gotten better. I guess our new computer has better graphics and the video card is bigger and more advanced. The downside to playing to much games online? Your house hold chores suffer and your house will end up looking like a mess.


Beauty is not real. Beauty only exists in perception.

It is true that each individual has a different perception of what beauty embodies. Beauty comes in different color, size, height,in short it comes in different package. I am by no means a connoisseur when it comes to beauty but I do appreciate all things that are beautiful. When you look in the mirror, do you see someone beautiful? My answer would be, it depends on how I feel that day. Emotions play a big part on how we look. On a good day, I look alright but on a bad day I look like a hag! Specially when I see all the imperfections on my face. I just have two concern about my face, one uneven skin tone and wrinkles. I must admit I have not tried any wrinkle cream to help minimize those unsightly folds and wrinkles on my face. If I don't take better care of my skin it looks like I am going to really need it soon. I use to fuss about looking to young,now I fuss that I look to old. I'm hoping that I will be one of those few women who grows old beautifully but it has to come from the heart.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday, MIL and I had to take Kayla and Kelly to Girl Scout since Ralph the usual driver for the girls was at work. I dread taking her to GS with Kaitlyn in the car, all the princess bruiser wants to do is tag along with her sister. She had such a bad temper tantrum in the car when I walked both girls inside the school, she was still crying when I came back. We took a ride to calm her down but it didn't help much it only made it worse, she didn't want to leave her big sister.

To avoid another episode of her having a fit while I picked up both the girls I decided to bring her with me. We got locked out of the school, it was a good thing that there was two other moms trying to get it. Thinking that my husband was inside they called his phone until they realized that I was Ralph's wife,lol. We ended up talking about exercising and loosing weight. On mom was even telling us about the biggest loser competition she was having with her friends. I found out that Kathy on of the girls mom loved rice as much as I did. We talked about different exercises, diets and finally all agreed that we would all love a quick trim to quickly shed the pounds.Wouldn't it be just fine and dandy if we could all loose the weight with one click of the hand? I got to tell them about my near fainting spell when I tried the Wii Active Sport. We all ended up talking about the aches and pain that is associated with exercising. What can I say " NO PAIN, NO GAIN". So, I'm going to have to suck it up and face the music with lots of Tylenol, lol.

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