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Sunday, March 21, 2010


March has been a very very busy month for all of us. We have had about 2 appointments for the kids. One with the dentist and the other one to check out their eyes. Its was just the three of them that got an eye check-up, Daddy, Kayla and Kaitlyn. Yes, Kaitlyn is still young but with Ralph having eye problems we wanted to make sure that our kids have perfect vision of if they have problems it can be treated right away. This has Kayla's 3rd check up and so far so good she has normal 20/20 vision. She was so good and just did exactly what the technician wanted her to do.

The Picture below is when she had her eyes checked. They took pictures of her eyes to make sure that their was no abnormalities or whatever.

The second was the part where they had to blow air into her eyes to check for Glaucoma. I was kinda worried but she just laughed when she felt the air hit her eye.

Third picture is of me holding the princess bruiser Kaitlyn coz she was to small and they wanted her to feel comfortable while she was being checked. She is a very independent little girl. She refused to have me hold her head steady while she was looking into the machine. I finally gave up and just let her do it on her own.

Last part was when she was actually being check by the Ophthalmologist. Again, she refused help and wanted to just sit on the chair by herself. She had to kneel on the chair since she was to small but she was fine with it as long as she get to do it by herself.
She also has 20/20 vision on both eyes. The doctor said it was good to see parents bringing in a child early for eye check up. Kaitlyn will have to go back after a year this way she can interact better and her eyes is more developed. All in all I am just happy my kids are growing and developing healthy...


Unknown said...

Sus astang biliba na jd nku nimu kaitlyn. ingon ana unta ang guts ni jakoy oi. akong jake naa mn kaugalingon kinaiya. dili ni madala ug mga ingon ana nga activity.


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