The Designers Chic

Monday, August 25, 2008


Carrying around 20 pounds is not an easy feat mind you.Having a wriggling, 20 pound 10 month old baby on your front or back! whew! what a task!

After we got Big sister off to school i left her in the family room all alone and play with her toys.I had to scramble around to get things done before she starts to cry and want me. She was fine and playing with her toys until!!!!

She heard daddy's keys opening the door. Started pulling herself up against the ottoman and waited for her daddy to show up..As soon as she saw a glimpse of her daddy she was jumping up and down as much as her fat little legs would let her and had a big tootless grin on her silly face. Daddy of course picked her up and put her down again coz he had to change. Then the crying and wailling started. I didnt get to finish what i was doing. i took out the baby carrier and put her in it.

She looked like she is having fun while mama did things around the house. And of course im going to feel the pain tonight but hey, if it means seeing that toothless gooffy smile? Id do anything for her!!!

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