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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Did I ever tell you about the story behind my roses?

Well, a couple of weeks before Valentines I have been no so subtly been hinting to my husband I wanted flowers. And as the days got closer and closer i didn't hint anymore, I demanded I wanted flowers! You see, the last time I got flowers was for our 3rd wedding anniversary and I didn't expect it at all. So with that it seemed like he was developing a pattern of giving me flowers every other year, that every other year was this one! From my previous post we didn't celebrate on the actual day. We just had dinner at our house with all our favorite food.

Valentines morning rolled in and I was a little bit surprised that there were no chocolates, card or flowers and little trinkets for me and the girls. However, I did make some glittered hearts for the girls on the table. My oldest was so sweet when I woke her up. The first thing she did was gave me a big hug and said " happy anniversary mama!". That right there was my Valentines gift from my girls. Back to the flowers. As the day wore on I got a little bit irritated, husband was still upstairs sleeping. I was wondering when he was going out to get my flowers. Finally at past 1 p.m he woke up and called me upstairs. I was getting snippy and annoyed, hubby sensed it and he immediately explained. He ordered flowers to be delivered to our house on Valentines day. He wanted to act like he wasn't going to get my anything at all so I would be surprise when I get the delivered roses. It was not to be! The flower company he ordered from sent him an e-mail at 1:05 that they could not deliver due to the high influx of orders that came in. To prove that he was not lying he did show me the email. He was so bummed but I was happy. All that mattered to me was that he tried. Hubby ultimately went out to get me flowers and I did get my flowers. They may not have been as beautifully arranged but it was perfect.

I am the kind of person who treasures the simplest of things. For men who have missed out on getting the best valentines gifts for girlfriend fret not. Your gift doesn't have to be elaborate and grand. Whats important is the effort and thought you put behind the gift. As far as the saying goes " It's better late than never".


Winter had been mild but with that, it has also been crazy confusing. The other week we had such great weather that reached 60 degrees. We were all loving it! But the past couple of days have just been breeezzyy! Breezy is an understatement. It's been howling winds as strong as 40 mph. I was so spooked the other night when I was watching TV. All of a sudden I heard this howling wind blowing outside our window. I could feel it shaking the side of our house and the window in our bedroom. Just then, my phone rings and it was sweet husband. He was calling me from work to let me know not to be surprised about the wind. That calm me down a bit but I also worried about him. With wind gusting up to 40 mph in winter its got to be bone chilling cold and he gets in and out of his police car. I worry about him and reminded him to get warm. At least the windy weather will not be here to stay for long. Next week is supposed in the upper 50's and that is just awesome! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

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