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Thursday, May 19, 2011


In less than 2 weeks my husband will be going back to work. He has been out from work since April. My husband has surgery done to his neck, he had to fully recover first before going back to work. When he does go back to work, he will be doing light duty.

Ralph had been very worried about getting surgery. He didn't want any surgery if the doctor was going to retire him. When he got assurance that he can go back to work full time after he is fully recovered he breathed a big sigh of relief. In the weeks that he was off work I asked him if he has SSDI ( Social Security Disability Insurance ). He assured me that he has everything taken cared of. As far as his concerned he won't be needing any disability insurance as of yet. With his time off from work he has been spending a lot of time with the kids and of course me. He wants to spend more time with us but he is also looking forward to going back to work. Maybe I smothered him to much, lol


A couple of months ago I went gaga over a certain cake. We were at my BIL's house in Bear for my Biometrics for the USCIS. I got hungry and raided their kitchen for something to eat. My eyes feel on a rectangular piece of container with a few slices of what appears to be cake. I asked if I could have a piece. As soon as that piece of cake hit my tongue I was in food heaven. I found out that day that my favorite cake is Angel Food Cake. I cannot get over how fluffy, sweet and soft it comes. Before we left I begged my MIL to take me to Walmart so I could get the cake. One thing about me is when I want something specially food, I got and get it. I will keep eating the same food until desire for the taste is quenched. I bought two round cakes and I finished the whole round one in a day. My husband knows about my love affair with food and he knows that I am currently hooked on Angel, sweet, light, fluffy and delicious.

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