The Designers Chic

Thursday, May 19, 2011


A couple of months ago I went gaga over a certain cake. We were at my BIL's house in Bear for my Biometrics for the USCIS. I got hungry and raided their kitchen for something to eat. My eyes feel on a rectangular piece of container with a few slices of what appears to be cake. I asked if I could have a piece. As soon as that piece of cake hit my tongue I was in food heaven. I found out that day that my favorite cake is Angel Food Cake. I cannot get over how fluffy, sweet and soft it comes. Before we left I begged my MIL to take me to Walmart so I could get the cake. One thing about me is when I want something specially food, I got and get it. I will keep eating the same food until desire for the taste is quenched. I bought two round cakes and I finished the whole round one in a day. My husband knows about my love affair with food and he knows that I am currently hooked on Angel, sweet, light, fluffy and delicious.



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