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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Did I ever tell you about the story behind my roses?

Well, a couple of weeks before Valentines I have been no so subtly been hinting to my husband I wanted flowers. And as the days got closer and closer i didn't hint anymore, I demanded I wanted flowers! You see, the last time I got flowers was for our 3rd wedding anniversary and I didn't expect it at all. So with that it seemed like he was developing a pattern of giving me flowers every other year, that every other year was this one! From my previous post we didn't celebrate on the actual day. We just had dinner at our house with all our favorite food.

Valentines morning rolled in and I was a little bit surprised that there were no chocolates, card or flowers and little trinkets for me and the girls. However, I did make some glittered hearts for the girls on the table. My oldest was so sweet when I woke her up. The first thing she did was gave me a big hug and said " happy anniversary mama!". That right there was my Valentines gift from my girls. Back to the flowers. As the day wore on I got a little bit irritated, husband was still upstairs sleeping. I was wondering when he was going out to get my flowers. Finally at past 1 p.m he woke up and called me upstairs. I was getting snippy and annoyed, hubby sensed it and he immediately explained. He ordered flowers to be delivered to our house on Valentines day. He wanted to act like he wasn't going to get my anything at all so I would be surprise when I get the delivered roses. It was not to be! The flower company he ordered from sent him an e-mail at 1:05 that they could not deliver due to the high influx of orders that came in. To prove that he was not lying he did show me the email. He was so bummed but I was happy. All that mattered to me was that he tried. Hubby ultimately went out to get me flowers and I did get my flowers. They may not have been as beautifully arranged but it was perfect.

I am the kind of person who treasures the simplest of things. For men who have missed out on getting the best valentines gifts for girlfriend fret not. Your gift doesn't have to be elaborate and grand. Whats important is the effort and thought you put behind the gift. As far as the saying goes " It's better late than never".


Winter had been mild but with that, it has also been crazy confusing. The other week we had such great weather that reached 60 degrees. We were all loving it! But the past couple of days have just been breeezzyy! Breezy is an understatement. It's been howling winds as strong as 40 mph. I was so spooked the other night when I was watching TV. All of a sudden I heard this howling wind blowing outside our window. I could feel it shaking the side of our house and the window in our bedroom. Just then, my phone rings and it was sweet husband. He was calling me from work to let me know not to be surprised about the wind. That calm me down a bit but I also worried about him. With wind gusting up to 40 mph in winter its got to be bone chilling cold and he gets in and out of his police car. I worry about him and reminded him to get warm. At least the windy weather will not be here to stay for long. Next week is supposed in the upper 50's and that is just awesome! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Thanks to Roman May

My grandparents have been using their wireless internet service West Palm Beach connection to stay in touch with us since they moved. They recently decided that it was finally time for them to move. They have been talking about moving to their beach house as their primary location for years. They probably should have done it a long time ago because they spent a lot of time there, but they liked being able to see us grow and make it to our baseball games and tennis matches. They also liked seeing us every weekend. Now, that we are in college, they made the decision. They sold their house in town and headed to the beach. They even traded up and got a bigger place with a few more bedrooms to try and get us to come visit more often. It has worked. I have been e-mailing with them lately because they have invited my sister and I to come to the beach for spring break and even letting us bring our friends from school. I am just not quite sure that they know what they are getting themselves into.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I don't think I ever wrote about my Valentines. Well, its safe to say that I got flowers a dozen and a half roses in fact,lol. Valentines was not just a day of hearts in our household. I was a celebration of my 5 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband. The years that we have been married have not been perfect nor have they been hard. We had our moments of arguments, silent wars and moment of making up. As for the silent war, I almost never get that! Husband is the kind of person who just lets things go. I for one am the kind of person that harbors ill feeling and can't let go right away, lol.

Valentines day was celebrated a day early at our house. Why? The girls had Gymnastics on Valentines day itself and it would be to late if we go out to eat. Besides, I wanted to celebrate at our house. I wanted my husband to cook me my favorite food which is steak. Ralph cooks my steak the way i want it and I for one just love the way he flavors my steak. We had shrimp, corn in the cob, steak, rice and mac and cheese I think. I ate sat at our table not talking for about 5 min. I was just shoving steak and rice in my mouth as fast as I could. That is how much I love the way my husband cooks my steak. It was a great dinner. Next year, we are going to try to celebrate by going out just the two of us. What about your Valentines?

Friday, February 17, 2012


Can you believe the weather we've been having lately? I must say, this has been the mildest winter I have seen and experience in my 5 years in the US. As soon as Summer ended last year I was in dread. Winter and I don't mix. It's to be expected when I am from a tropical country where we are warm all year round,except for a few months of monsoon. The weather has allowed me and my coupon buddy Allison to walk to our nearest Walgreens almost everyday, well its safe to say everyday,lol.

Even thought the groundhog has declared we will get a few more weeks of winter, I am certain though that we are close to welcoming spring. And I for one cannot wait until it gets really really warm. The kids haven't really gotten very sick this winter season. Sure they have he sniffles and cough but no fever so far. I hope i don't jinx myself when I say that. Having a sick child is not easy and it pains every parents heart to see their child not feeling good. Hopefully the weather stay like this so we can walk to Walgreens everyday,lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Tax season if finally on its way. A lot of Americans are looking forward to this season. We are looking forward to getting our tax return and paying off most of our debts. Like most people we did not come out unscathed from our worsening economy. We really had to tighten our belts and prioritize the needs and the want. People are struggling all over. I know quite a few that have resorted to selling jewelries just to stay afloat until the next paycheck. Thankfully we have been very blessed. But if it did come to that we would probably be going to a place like title loans tampa but somewhere within our state. I am just fortunate to have such a hard working husband with a stable albeit, dangerous job. Hopefully with the Tax season here most of us will get a break but for those needing fast cash the link provided is one way to get help and relief.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hey there peeps! Guess what I got at Target today?? Its been a while since I went to the mall so I asked hubby to take me today. Armed with my binder full of coupons I hit up Target. I try not to spend more than $20 at Target and today I did not disappoint myself.

Scouring for deals always makes my heart start pumping fast. The exhilaration I get for finding what I want is something else. Its like a drug, I get my high from couponing. And so I got exactly what I wanted. If you ask me about the KY Jelly the answer is, NO, we do not use them. I just got it solely for the purpose of getting a $10 Target GC and I will be giving the KY to my husband married niece and nephew. My total for today's haul is $12.81. Yes, you read it right. The only thing I got that I didn't have coupon for is the paper plate. But since we were out of it, I decided to get it and paid full price,lol. All together my trip to the Mall was a big success!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Holy camoley! Has it been that long since I updated my blogs? My excuse is still the same. I am a total prisoner of coupons,hahahah.. Seriously couponing has taken most of my time and I barely have any time to write. I do get plenty of time sitting down in front of the computer but, it's to scour deals and check for new printable coupons. Some of my household chores have even suffered,lol.

I even remembered that I had another blog for my cheap find. The last time I updated it was like 8 months ago. That was a total waste of hosting and what not. Reviving that blog was to be my new mission but if I can barely update 3 blogs how much more if I add 1 more? I don't know if I can do it but I can at least try and if it fails then, at least I tried.

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