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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I don't think I ever wrote about my Valentines. Well, its safe to say that I got flowers a dozen and a half roses in fact,lol. Valentines was not just a day of hearts in our household. I was a celebration of my 5 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband. The years that we have been married have not been perfect nor have they been hard. We had our moments of arguments, silent wars and moment of making up. As for the silent war, I almost never get that! Husband is the kind of person who just lets things go. I for one am the kind of person that harbors ill feeling and can't let go right away, lol.

Valentines day was celebrated a day early at our house. Why? The girls had Gymnastics on Valentines day itself and it would be to late if we go out to eat. Besides, I wanted to celebrate at our house. I wanted my husband to cook me my favorite food which is steak. Ralph cooks my steak the way i want it and I for one just love the way he flavors my steak. We had shrimp, corn in the cob, steak, rice and mac and cheese I think. I ate sat at our table not talking for about 5 min. I was just shoving steak and rice in my mouth as fast as I could. That is how much I love the way my husband cooks my steak. It was a great dinner. Next year, we are going to try to celebrate by going out just the two of us. What about your Valentines?



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