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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I regretfully announce the untimely demise of my blog earning potential at PPP.

Yes,its official i got killed off! I got approved on a Friday and got a rejection on my blog assessment on a Tuesday.

How did i react to the news? I was shocked,then sad,then angry,depressed. I just got my first taste of grabbing opportunities yesterday so that got some adrenaline pumping. I said to myself "Alas! i have finally made it,can finally start earning while at home". I will not lie i did join the blogging world to earn a little bit of money and who hasn't?Well,maybe there are only a handful of people are just dedicated to just plain blogging and not get anything monetary wise from it.

I have come to really love blogging as it opened my eyes to news ,technology,tips and advice on family matter and a lot more.Reading from different blogs from every walks of life can be really enlightening and fun. I got to join in the laughter and share in some of the sorrows.

PPP,thank you for approving me and then dashing my hopes in as little as 3 days..I just hoped that they would have been more specific about why they rejected mine.I admit my blog is not that great,not at all.I'm just a newbie and i don't think I'm doing to bad at all.

Tonight i buried my anger ,frustration and my grief. This is not me giving up but moving on...I will reinvent myself and i will rise again like a Phoenix from its ashes!!!

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