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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kaitlyn finally got over her fever on Friday morning. Still I was worried that I may come back again so I was thinking of not going with MIL to Angelo's Post Memorial Barbecue. Thank God her fever didn't come back and she was slowly getting back to her old rambunctious self. It was just family and we had so much fun. I didn't get in the pool though since it was windy and cold. Kaitlyn dipped her feet in with her cousin Lauren holding on to her. The second photo was of Kaitlyn trying to pull out Lauren's eyebrow ring piercing,lol. Even though Ralph was not able to come with us due to work we still had fun and the food was just superb!!


It can't be stopped, Summer is just outside our doors. The weather has been very nice expect for a few rain showers here and there. Families are hustling and bustling around preparing for the much awaited Summer Vacation and Getaways. As for us we will be spending most of our summer in our backyard specially in the swimming pool. We do have plans to take the kids somewhere for a day or two of fun rides and activities. If only our youngest was a little bit older we would not think twice about checking out Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. It looked like such and inviting place for a family with kids to stay at. Located at the heart of the Entertainment and District, I would think that we would not have a big problem finding activities to do, be it for the kids or just for mom and dad. Days would be spent letting the kids enjoy the National Kid's Day Fest at Silver Dollar City while dad take on a few holes from a championship gold course a few distance from Branson. Since I know my family we would probably be spending a lot of our time beside the Hotel's pool and let our little tadpoles swim in the cool sparkling water. And for those who mix business and pleasure Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel is the right place for a business conference, rest and recreation of your choice. Be it a Vacation for your Family or a Business Trip, The Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel can provide and meet all of your expectations.


This photo was taken a couple of days before the princess bruiser got sick. Our pool has been open now for more than a week. I however, did not go in the pool when I took this one since it was still way to cold for me. Ralph and the kids braved the cold water to cool off from the scorching heat of the sun. Kayla is in her life vest/ bathing suit since it allows her to swim around the pool without sinking. She is still learning to swim in the pool and it allows her to have freedom to swim which ever way she wants to go. As for the lil' bruiser, she does not like staying in her floater for very long. She prefers the comfort of somebody holding on to her. Thank God we have a pool or else we would have been driving back and forth to my BIL house every weekend.


For me nothing was more precious and memorable than the days, weeks and months that lead to the birth of my first born baby girl, my princess bruiser. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with her I knew right away I was going to breastfeed her by hook or by crook. My mother was not able to breastfeed me due to my allergies so at a very early age I was already on formula. It was not just any formula It had to be a certain formula that is exactly for my needs. I grew up on formula and not on my mother's milk. Breastfeeding was a conscious effort on my part. I knew the benefits it can give to my daughter and to me. My daughter can get the best nutrients and vitamins from my milk while I also get the chance to really bond with my daughter and share something really really special with her. Breastfeeding was not that hard on my part but unfortunately my milk dried up after 6 months. The only consolation I feel is that I still got to breastfeed her. From 6 months on she was already eating by then and also on the formula about 4 times a day. Mind you putting her on the formula was expensive but like Ralph would say It is an expense that he would not mind. Kaitlyn is been on Enfamil and she is striving. I always wonder though how much we could save if we put her on Parent's Choice Infant Formula. Now, I can find out for myself how much I could be saving If I had Kaitlyn on store brand formula rather than the name brand ones. One big can of formula is $25 a pop in our place and if we should transfer her to the store brand we could be saving over $300. That is a big savings right there. Want to know how much you could also be saving if you switch from your brand name formula to store brand formula? Easy, just check out Parent's Choice Saving Calculator and find out how much money you could be putting back in your pocket.


It is once again time to give thanks for my faithful droppers for the month of May. This past week has been very stressful for me when my youngest daughter got sick. Its not easy when the child that is sick cant tell you what is wrong with them. I barely had sleep, was not able to do any household chores and not a lot of posts. There was even a day that I was not able to return any drops when we got stuck in the Emergency Room. A very big THANK YOU to all my top droppers and to just any one who drops and reads what I have to say.


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