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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This photo was taken a couple of days before the princess bruiser got sick. Our pool has been open now for more than a week. I however, did not go in the pool when I took this one since it was still way to cold for me. Ralph and the kids braved the cold water to cool off from the scorching heat of the sun. Kayla is in her life vest/ bathing suit since it allows her to swim around the pool without sinking. She is still learning to swim in the pool and it allows her to have freedom to swim which ever way she wants to go. As for the lil' bruiser, she does not like staying in her floater for very long. She prefers the comfort of somebody holding on to her. Thank God we have a pool or else we would have been driving back and forth to my BIL house every weekend.


shydub said...

Nice kaayo inyo pool lods, kanindot sa tubig.unsa na siya kalom, manglagum nasd mo ana this summer cge swimming.
Ako d i gi add imu mga blog and badges sa akong sissys pastime nga blog, ur worthingtons road.


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