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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kaitlyn finally got over her fever on Friday morning. Still I was worried that I may come back again so I was thinking of not going with MIL to Angelo's Post Memorial Barbecue. Thank God her fever didn't come back and she was slowly getting back to her old rambunctious self. It was just family and we had so much fun. I didn't get in the pool though since it was windy and cold. Kaitlyn dipped her feet in with her cousin Lauren holding on to her. The second photo was of Kaitlyn trying to pull out Lauren's eyebrow ring piercing,lol. Even though Ralph was not able to come with us due to work we still had fun and the food was just superb!!


Unknown said...

Tan na kaayo skin ni kaitlyn lods hehehehe. nidaut gamay intawn ang bugay.sge lng apa mn ghapon.

jijie said...

Nice, sus balik nasad nang maldita kay ayo na man? sus dalaga na gyud siya manding.


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