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Friday, January 11, 2013

Free pure leaf after RR starting 1/13

Today I did a little side trip to my fav store,Walgreens. I got a free children's fish oil vitamins and Cracker Jack. The store manager happened to be by the counter when I came in. He know me by name. I asked if I could have next weeks ad, he then told me that he has a lot of the pure leaf drink on stock as it was going to be free starting 1/13. I was so happy to learn about this. I don't have to worry about clearing shelves. He knows that when their is a good freebie like beverage we take advantage of it. But, we do tell them before hand how much we're thinking of purchasing so they can order it for us. He assured me that he has more than enough to go around for other customers. That made my day. Once I got the ad in my hand I went about to check my store if they have it and how much they have. So far, I have only seen 1 freebie product after RR the rest I assume are still in the crates. They were still busy refilling shelves with new stock.

For sure I will be stopping by again, the cashier forgot to give me my RR when I bought the vitamins and the Cracker Jack. My RR's were already set aside for me to pick them up. It's good to know your store and the people. I consider them family.

Not a good start

My husband is not having a good day so far. He got little sleep last night, he was always up and restless. I was lucky I didn't get hit while he was tossing and turning in bed,lol. He is not feeling well, might be getting the early stages of the flu. Hopefully it's just a cold and not the flu. When he got to work someone back into the front of our was just minimal damage with Theron lights cracked and the front bumper paint chipped. The important thing is, he was not hurt.

I feel so bad for my husband. He is a good provider and thinks about us all the time. I feel guilty being a stay at home mom sometimes, specially on those days he is so tired. The next school year I hope to be working and driving as well,lol. Two income should lighten the load that my husband is carrying right now. If things go as we plan we should be breathing easy by the end of this new year.

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