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Monday, July 25, 2011


With the heat wave covering the country, you find most people near water or do water activities. Although there are still people who prefer to stay indoors to cool off. As for my us, my kids enjoy staying outdoors. That means playing in the backyard, on the swing set, sand box or swimming in our swimming pool. Most of the time the kids are just content swimming in our pool. When it gets to hot though, they will be the ones to actually ask me that they would rather stay inside.

Last Tuesday, we finally went to the beach. The last time we went to the beach was almost 4 years ago. I was actually 7 months pregnant with Kaitlyn and Kayla was 4. The kiddos were pretty excited, Kaitlyn was understandably more excited as this would be here first time to go to the beach. To make the story short, our beach outing was fun but Ralph and I are definitely not beach people. Since there are no cottages where you can put all your stuff and rest like in my country. You have to make do and put blankets and towels on the sand. And sand gets into everything and anything. As for the beach water, you can't let you if you have a younger child. It would knocked around by the wave and carried by the current. I was not used to it. Back home our waters are nothing like that. The kids can swim in the shallow end and not worry about getting knocked over by the strong wave. As soon as we packed up I blurted out " It's going to be Water Parks until they are older for the beach". Ralph agrees with me as he is also not a beach person. Hey, I am not saying I don't the beach period but I'm just not used to the beaches here in America.. If the wave and the current was not that strong I would have loved it. But when you have kids, you tend to gravitate to a place where you don't have to hold their hands in order for them to have a good time. To sum it all up it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. The important thing is that we had our little family time of bonding..

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