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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's been boring around the house with the Holidays over. We only have 2 special occasion to celebrate next month. Our 3rd wedding anniversary which happens to be on Valentines day and my MIL 68 Th birthday. I have no idea yet if we're going to be celebrating here at the house. It would be nice to have the Schifano clan in one roof again. I miss seeing the newest addition to the family which is the first great grandchild. He is such an adorable little tyke with big brown eyes and peaches and cream skin. I hope he doesn't inherit his dads genes and have lots of acne and breakouts when he becomes a teenager. I hope Andrew, Ralph's nephew will see a Dermatologist for his skin and also if the dermatologist could also prescribe back acne treatment as he has bad ones. Seeing him reminds me of my cousin back home who has bad skin problem. Our skin is our first defense and we should take good care of it. A friend told me that taking care of our skin and face early will be beneficial in the long run.


Tomorrow will be the end of my reprieve from walking Kayla to the bus stop. You see Ralph takes the car even for a short distant due to the weather. Since I don't drive I guess Kayla and I will have to bundle up and brave the cold weather and walk. It's not like we haven't been doing that, its just a pain getting all bundled up. The cold weather does terrible things to my skin, dries it out like a raisin. I feel like I look older than my age due to the dryness of my skin. I know one person who would actually benefit from the cold weather, my mom. She has a heart condition and she can't get to warm or hot or else her blood pressure will shoot off the roof. It doesn't help that she has almost no hormones left ever since she had the hysterectomy. What she needs is HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ) to help slow down the process of aging. I probably need to look into hgh releasers and find out more about the benefits and side effects before I tell my mom. I know there is no stopping aging but if a way to slow it down is out there, by all means we should know more about it.


Finally its another year full of promise for all of us. It's an exciting year for me since I have been planning my upcoming vacation in a few months. Not only that but we are also hoping to conceive and keep our family growing. We haven't really tried the past month since I would not be able to have my vacation if I was over 7 months pregnant. Hopefully in a few months we will be able to conceive. We didn't really plan to have our kids so far apart but it looks like its happening that way. I miss being pregnant, feeling the baby kick inside of me, taking daily prenatal vitamins. On the other hand I do not miss the nausea, throwing up and the crazy food cravings and everything in between that,lol. Who know maybe the next time around it won't be so bad for me, at least back then when I reached my 2nd trimester it got better. I just can't wait to have another baby again. It's all in God's hands now.


One of the things that I am proud of my teenage years was I had nice skin. I however had some breakouts when I was in my college years. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as some people had it. My cousin had terrible acne on her face. She had it taken cared of when she went to college and saw a Dermatologist. She was given the right acne solutions that fit her skin type. It made wonders for her face and cleared it up in no time. Hopefully my kids will get the genes from either of us and not be plagued with acne, pimples or any other breakouts that most teenagers go through.

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