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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As a wife of a Police Officer I not only worry about my husbands well being but also the safety of my little girls considering that there daddy carries and brings his service gun at home. I am in constant watch with my girls specially when they are in our bedroom. Hearing stories about children getting shot by father's guns or other children killed due to playing with guns, it not only makes me nervous but fearful for my girls safety. No matter how much you tell kids the danger of guns, they are still kids and will never get the full ramification if they did play or touch a gun. Now that our youngest is at the stage where she has to touch and play with everything we have to make sure that Hubby's Service gun is somewhere safe and out of her reach. Its about time that we start thinking and looking for top of the line Safesthat are out in the market. The thought of storing hubby's gun out of reach and in a Safe makes me breathe easier and more relaxed. The pistol safe by Maximum Security Safe is just about right for our needs which is functional and the firearm can easily be accessed by my husband. In today's world we have to be vigilant and mindful about everything specially if you have kids in the house.


Getting pregnant the first time was easy and quick. When we found out i was pregnant with Kaitlyn it was unexpected but an added blessing. During my pregnancy i got so sick and depressed which made my family here and back home worry. I was so weird while pregnant, i would not look, eat, smell or even touch chicken. There were some commercial on t.v. that would just make me throw up, i guess it was just my hormones running wild. I however craved so much sweets and loved baking that got my sister so surprised since i didn't like cook when i was still single, i knew how to cook but i just didn't want to. The other weird disgusting thing about me when i was pregnant was i didn't like taking a shower or getting wet period, lol. I would go days and almost a week before i could force myself to finally take a shower, the reason being was i was always cold even with a space heater in the bathroom and i felt like i didn't want to be bothered. However i did change my underwear on a daily basis and just washed the most important private parts,lol. I know its disgusting to share but I'm hoping some women out there would share what they found weird when they got pregnant.


Have you ever thought of learning how to cut, color and style men's hair? Well i have, with today's economy my husband has been telling me to learn how to cut hair so we could save the money that he pays the barber when he gets a cut twice a month. Last Christmas while we were at Angelo's house, Aj our 13 yrs old nephew asked me if i could style his hair. This is where how to cut men's hair dvd would come in handy. With teenagers today you have to know what the styles and the colors are. I of course could not do it since i had no idea how to style men's hair let alone a teenage boy. With Ralph however it would be nice if i could get my hands on mens hair cutting dvd and finally be able to cut his own hair and save at the same time. Not only that if i get the professional hair cutting dvd i may be able to earn money on the side by cutting my families and friends hair.

The video below about Metro haircuts, styles and color. The whole DVD collection can be purchased by visiting or my calling this # 1-800-414-2434. The complete set of DVDs can be yours for a reasonable amount of $105 + shipping and handling. That's a small price to pay for learning skills that will earn you money.

Men's Hairstyles

Hair Cutting Videos | Hair Cutting Techniques


Cupcakes, were one of the many food i baked and ate. This particular batch of cupcakes was baked for Kayla's 4th birthday. I colored the frosting so Kayla had a different cupcake every time she would ask for one. Before i got married i just loathed cooking and would grumbled, whine and complain if i was told to cook. When i got married of course i had to impress my husband and show him that i can cook, i was just lazy back home since my sister is such a good cook. Also when i got pregnant i had this urge to bake all the time, it usually comes out great and yummy to. Oh i also made those cupcakes for Kayla to take to school to share with her friends when she was still in pre-kindergarten.


Education is a very important thing that we as a parent can give to our children. Ralph is a staunch believer that children should get educated, not miss school except of emergencies or when they are really sick. Since Kayla has started Kindergarten in September she has not missed any day of school and has the awards every month to prove it. She loves going to school and is striving right before our very eyes. Ralph is usually the one who does the homework with Kayla, he is such a patient and wonderful dad. I for one am not a very patient, good and understanding teacher that is why i try to get out of doing homework, lol... I know, i should and i do when Ralph has no time so Kayla and I do homework. I tell my husband all the time that I'm very very lucky to have married such an intelligent man. Thank God our kids seems to have his brain because mama does not do to well on certain subjects. As of today Kayla has missed school due to the fact that her mother did not meet Ralph yesterday as per the court order. He is deeply upset that Kayla missed school just because her mother is being difficult. We had been on pins and needle waiting for her call where and when Kayla will be dropped off. Finally this afternoon at 2 p.m. she called to ask Ralph to meet at the halfway point. Thank God Kayla will not be missing another day of school tomorrow.

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