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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Have you ever thought of learning how to cut, color and style men's hair? Well i have, with today's economy my husband has been telling me to learn how to cut hair so we could save the money that he pays the barber when he gets a cut twice a month. Last Christmas while we were at Angelo's house, Aj our 13 yrs old nephew asked me if i could style his hair. This is where how to cut men's hair dvd would come in handy. With teenagers today you have to know what the styles and the colors are. I of course could not do it since i had no idea how to style men's hair let alone a teenage boy. With Ralph however it would be nice if i could get my hands on mens hair cutting dvd and finally be able to cut his own hair and save at the same time. Not only that if i get the professional hair cutting dvd i may be able to earn money on the side by cutting my families and friends hair.

The video below about Metro haircuts, styles and color. The whole DVD collection can be purchased by visiting or my calling this # 1-800-414-2434. The complete set of DVDs can be yours for a reasonable amount of $105 + shipping and handling. That's a small price to pay for learning skills that will earn you money.

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