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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Cupcakes, were one of the many food i baked and ate. This particular batch of cupcakes was baked for Kayla's 4th birthday. I colored the frosting so Kayla had a different cupcake every time she would ask for one. Before i got married i just loathed cooking and would grumbled, whine and complain if i was told to cook. When i got married of course i had to impress my husband and show him that i can cook, i was just lazy back home since my sister is such a good cook. Also when i got pregnant i had this urge to bake all the time, it usually comes out great and yummy to. Oh i also made those cupcakes for Kayla to take to school to share with her friends when she was still in pre-kindergarten.


Anonymous said...

Maayo pa ka you know how to make that kind of stuff. I was used of being single for a long time and refuse to learn that kind of things, i like watching cooking show but i don't want to cook. Now that i'm married have no choice. My mother in law handed to me all her cooking stuff from mixer, blender, cake layer to cookie pastry press. Being a Mommy and a wifey really suited you melody. You adopted right away the western kind of life.


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