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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My daughter was caught in the act of breaking out from her little prison,lol... I was busy cleaning yesterday and i decided to put her in the playroom for just 5 min. so i can finish up the bathroom without any disturbance. Little did i know an escape artist was lurking in her. I thought i was finally going to have some uninterrupted duet with the toilet when i heard the pitter patter of little feet. Thinking it was the cat, i listened again then i heard her in the kitchen which is just beside the bathroom. She got out, i wondered how she got out. I found my camera and had it ready and put her back in the playroom with the temporary gates. I waited and then i caught her. She is crying knowing that she got caught,lol... Video is a little dark but here is the evidence:

Monday, September 29, 2008


Just now as i was busy dropping ec my 11 month old daughter woke up. I went to get her in her room and took her in the computer room so i could continue with my ec dropping. As i was sitting here,i just left her in the room to walk around and play with her toys. suddenly i felt this nudge on my side. It was my daughter giving me my slippers,lol.. She left and returned again with the other one this time saying mama. My baby girl is so smart! She knew it was mine and thought that i might need it..Now,she just made my day!

And she did this not once but twice. Took a photo the second time she did it.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I got my yearly physical exams today. The verdict "I'M AS HEALTHY AS A HORSE!" Also got my shots and had a TB skin test done. I will have to go back on Monday for them to read it. And also ill be getting my cholesterol test done,which mother in law so wants to know coz of my eating habits. She wants to know if i have a high cholesterol since i eat a lot of greasy food and i eat chicken skin,fats and such.

I also went to get my record for my HIV and RPR or RPN at my OBGYN. One of the nurse came out and talked to me and asked how my baby was. I wanted the baby to go in but she fell asleep in the car so i left her with husband. Ill be returning there anyway next month for my pop smear.

Before we got those done we had to go to walmart for some winter clothes shopping for Kayla. The girl grows out of her clothes like nothing. We got a whole bunch of clothes for her and she liked each and everyone we got for her. I also got a few stuff like matching sweatpants and long sleeved shirt. Baby got a few to even though we already went clothes shopping for her earlier.

So now,I'm arm is just hurting from the tetanus and diptheria shot and I'm pooped. I'm signing off for now..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This was Kaitlyn earlier this morning:

. She took her first few steps at exactly 10 months. Monday she turned 11 months and now she is walking like a pro however, she doesn't like wearing shoes or anything on her feet. Its already autumn and with that comes cold weather. As you can see our floor is not carpeted so that means cold floors and cold feet. To avoid cold feet i bought her this elephant slippers at Walmart for $5 . It was just so cute and mama couldn't resist herself,lol..

When we went downstairs i put her slippers on,she wanted it off. I put her on the floor but she would not budge or even move an inch. She was afraid not of the slippers but of falling. Getting use to wearing something on your feet takes time. I had to let her hold on to my finger so she would feel secure and walk with her slippers on. I couldn't resist snapping pictures so that means letting go of her while doing it. She cried so much and was so upset with me for letting her go,but that got her walking by herself. Soon after she realized that she could walk in it and she wouldn't slip or fall.

The first few steps are always the hard part but after getting over that hurdle she was walking around the house and loving it.The important thing is, it kept her little footsies toasty warm!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Fall is here and with that the new season of Television series.

I am so looking forward to watching the new season of HOUSE. I just love Dr.House and his insensitive nature,lol. But this time i cant wait to see how he deals with his best friends loss and the doomsday of there friendship. Will the friendship survive? Will House change? What will be next for the Team?

The second show is NCIS. At first i really wasn't so keen into watching this one as it was like CSI and i loooovveee CSI and i felt like watching NCIS is betraying CSI,foolish me. It was my sister who got me hooked into watching NCIS. The way each individual is different yet they mesh and make a good team that is like a well oiled machine. Are they really going to be transferred to different areas?Will Jethro get his team back?

The Third is CSI of course. I admit i haven't been watching this one religiously like i did back in the Philippines. I am not happy with the thought that Grisham will be leaving the show,not permanently but will just be guesting here and there. Grisham was the glue to the team,with the death of Warrick will the team band together again and find the killer?

Those are just few of the questions i want answered. Well,i guess ill just have to watch and see for myself. What shows will you be watching?

Friday, September 19, 2008


Its been a long drawn out rumor that Eva Longoria is pregnant. She has been denying and denying that rumour. Why cant the media let it go?If she is indeed pregnant something will pop out one way or the other. And i could believe myself when i read that Felicity Huffman said that Eva is not Pregnant just FAT! For crying out loud Felicity choose your words wisely! If Eva is Fat i dont even want to know what you think of Monique.That is why young women and teenagers in hollywood develop eating disorders because of how easily they associate extra curves on women as FAT! I prefer how Eva looks right about now,curvier and healthy. Besides, its going to take more than putting on a few pounds to categorize Eva as FAT.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I got so tickled pink with this youtube video. My sister told me about this guys who do a duet,i thought it was just some random blokes doing stand up comedy and singing. I really didn't want to watch it at first but with my sister telling me that i will really love it and really laugh i looked it up. What can happen right? What happened?I got so much gas from laughing. Take a load off and just take time to watch this. You might find yourself singing along with them. Here is MOYMOY PALABOY

Monday, September 15, 2008



Smokey is my mother-in-laws grey , fat no make it obese cat.He is gray with white coloring on his stomach and he has a white mustache. Loves and craves the attention. Doesn't like anybody petting his backside but loves getting belly rub. This cat is so fat that the blood circulation in your legs gets affected when he sits on your lap.

the black and white cat belongs to my husband. This cat on the other hand is very
shy,affectionate but such a scardy cat. He adores his daddy (husband) that when he is home he follows him everywhere even right through the bathroom. He doesn't like company and stays upstairs when daddy is at work. He will only come down at night where its quite and peaceful.

Lately, Smokey has been bullying poor Oreo. The fat cat would literally block Oreo's way and will attack him if he tries to pass. Sits on top of the stairs so Oreo would be stuck downstairs without any food coz his food is upstairs, just attack Oreo any chance he gets. He is very territorial downstairs.He patrols and protects his place.Daddy was so furious one time when he saw that Oreo lost a big chunk of fur on his face and was bleeding to. Went to his moms area of the house and showed her Smokey's doing. He was so upset that he kept glowering and threatening to get rid of Smokey. I never knew a cat could be such a bully but i know one,we have a bully cat.He knows that Oreo is such a gentle soul and he takes full advantage of the timid cat. I do get apprehensive about my daughter going near Smokey. But so far he has been good to the baby and never once showed anything but affection. If he tries to scratch or bite the baby he will certainly get the boot,not from my husband but from the owner my mother in law. No one hurts her sunshine (my daughter).

For cat owners out there could you please give me tips on how to solve this situation? I love both cats but I'm sick and tired of hearing them fight at night and picking up chunks of fur around the house...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My daughters are running me ragged! Im so tired and just pooped from all the walking,carrying,cleaning and entertaining i did today. Boy oh boy,Mr Pillow is patiently waiting for me.Waiting patiently until we lay cheek to cheek,he feels supple to my touch and soft.He is calling out to me for he wants to tell me a secret,but this secret can only be told in dreams...So with that im off to LA LA LAND!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Finally after such a long time of waiting my little girl has enough hair for a ponytail,lol...It wasn't like that when she was born,she had full head of hair.She lost most of the hairs on top of her head around 2 months due to a severe case of cradle cap. I was so distraught when she lost her hair. Her cradle cap was so severe that it turned to scabs and when the scabs fell off so did her hair,chunks of it. For a while she looked like a boy,huhu..

Just the other day she was distracted enough to let me tie her hair up in a ponytail. After such a long wait my beautiful baby is finally looking like the little girl that she is.

Friday, September 12, 2008


As a wife of a Police Officer,fear,anxiety is not new to me. Everytime my husband walks out of the door my heart skips a beat. At the back of my mind i always wonder what its like for my husband. I feel like im still getting the better end of the deal taking care of the kids at home.I still get to watch t.v take naps here and there and most of all i get to spend time with the kids.Having to work on a shifting schedule can be rough to a persons health. I worry so much for him,for his health,emotional well being and for his safety. Being assigned on the traffice division,he gets to arrest people on DUI charges,traffic violations and other crimes.

We are so proud of DADDY, even though he is not with us all the time he still makes it a point to always call us anytime of the day and check on us. That is why when my husband comes home i try to do special things for him like massaging his back, and his tired feet. I make it a point to put out his clothes when he goes to work. Put sticky notes on the door,mirror so when he comes home he can see them. This are just the little things i do for him to let him know how much i appreciate him for working so hard.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I regretfully announce the untimely demise of my blog earning potential at PPP.

Yes,its official i got killed off! I got approved on a Friday and got a rejection on my blog assessment on a Tuesday.

How did i react to the news? I was shocked,then sad,then angry,depressed. I just got my first taste of grabbing opportunities yesterday so that got some adrenaline pumping. I said to myself "Alas! i have finally made it,can finally start earning while at home". I will not lie i did join the blogging world to earn a little bit of money and who hasn't?Well,maybe there are only a handful of people are just dedicated to just plain blogging and not get anything monetary wise from it.

I have come to really love blogging as it opened my eyes to news ,technology,tips and advice on family matter and a lot more.Reading from different blogs from every walks of life can be really enlightening and fun. I got to join in the laughter and share in some of the sorrows.

PPP,thank you for approving me and then dashing my hopes in as little as 3 days..I just hoped that they would have been more specific about why they rejected mine.I admit my blog is not that great,not at all.I'm just a newbie and i don't think I'm doing to bad at all.

Tonight i buried my anger ,frustration and my grief. This is not me giving up but moving on...I will reinvent myself and i will rise again like a Phoenix from its ashes!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Its been a couple of months now that i have been constantly on the alert when putting baby down on the floor.Ever since she started crawling she has been unstoppable. Like the energizer bunny,always going and going and going which makes me the bad battery,all drained out.

At exactly 10 months old she took her first couple of steps, i was just proud as a peacock!!! My little girl is not a year old but she is taking a few step. I was a little bit worried that she might not walk coz she is very petite and small..I call her my little midget,coz she is just a little miniature walking,and drooling human doll. Now,she is babbling like crazy and pointing to stuff. Have you noticed that babies have there own little language?I'm sure that if i let her meet other babies her age they would be talking up a storm,wouldn't that be fun to hear?This couple of days her little legs have been getting stronger and stronger and she is walking farther and farther without any aid from us what so ever.She is a little person now,she has her own personality and she lets me know what she wants.

Giving her a bath has been a mini wrestling match,
DAVID AND GOLIATH, and like before DAVID always wins. Whew she wears me out!and to top it off having two kids in the bath,not easy. At least my stepdaughter listens but she still have her little meltdowns from time to time.

Where did the time go?It just blew in and out like the wind.One minute she was an infant and the next,walking and talking. She will be turning a year old next month.Its going to be a very special birthday.Kaitlyn's and her daddy's first ever birthday celebration together..Did i forget to mention she was born on her daddy's birthday?Yup,she was and husband knows that Kaitlyn in my birthday gift to him for the next 18 years.


Looking in the mirror has never been a problem for me but lately,its been a drag.The once youthful skin i had was slowly diminishing its firmness with wrinkles here and there. I decided i had to do something about this.I went online and searched for something to help with my skin problem.

Dr.Chantal Burnison a renowned biochemist found an answer to all women and men's prayer to regain back the once youthful glow . Her discovery of Ethocyn,a patent molecule that helps speed up the production of elastin in our skin.A product that is for everyone,men and women alike to different types of skin and is safe,and very convenient to use.Applying it twice daily on the face will zap those sag and wrinkles away.

To see is to believe right?check it for yourself and see the revolutionary discovery that Dr Chantal has found.Now saying to be young again wouldn't be just a hopeful wish but a reality.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Ever heard of a lap cat? Well i have something better, a lap baby,lol.

Today was very gloomy,dark,wet Saturday. We got the remnants of Gustav.Since my stepdaughter is not here,its just me and baby while MIL stayed in her little in law suite. We spent the morning blog hopping together. She would laugh and point at some of the pictures on the blog and i would tell her what it is.

She finally started fussing,rubbing her eyes and touching her face and ear which is a sign that she has had it. I gave her a bottle and kept on going while she finished her bottle on my lap. She fell asleep and this is the picture:

Isn't that adorable? she slept like that on my lap for more than 3 hrs.She just sleeps better and longer when I'm holding her.Maybe she gets comfort from my smell and the constant thump,thump of my heart telling her" i love you lannga(beloved)"

Friday, September 5, 2008


I just couldnt resist sharing what happened today. For some reason my capacity to remember things have gone to average to brain mush. Remembering even the slightest and the most recent of things is hard for me. I attribute it to having a child,lol... However,my memory lapse have gone from funny to bad.

The funny : was on the phone with husband and checking up on him and how work was going. Husband asked how the baby was and what i was doing,then he said that he needed me to wake him up at 11 tomorrow as he needs to do some overtime. I of course said yes but told him to wait and ill put it in my mobile phone alarm so i wouldnt forget.. Told him to wait a sec as i had to look for my phone. Looking and bending over i did,i reached for the house phone to call my cellphone when i suddenly realize i was talking to him on the mobile phone!what a laugh.

The bad : I forget to do things like unplug the pool filter,leave the faucet running. but thank goodness it has never come to the point that i forget to feed my girls, MIL jokes with me saying "your too young to go senile"

Thursday, September 4, 2008


For years i have been afflicted by this so called mouth ulcers.From small to full blown ulcer,its not an experience i would like to have.Last month i got a bad case of the mouth ulcer, i could barely open my mouth,speak and swallow.I was getting worried thinking something must be really wrong with me.So to answer all my questions,i went on a quest online to find out more about mouth ulcers:

ORAL ULCER : is the name for the appearance of an open sore inside the mouth caused by a break in the mucous membrane or the epithelium on the lips or surrounding the mouth.

  1. aphthous ulcers = commonly known as Canker Sore
  2. herpis simplex virus = commonly known as the Cold Sore

  • Range from lack of vitamin b12,
  • Iron,Folic acid
  • trauma
  • infection
  • viral
  • dietary
  • immune system
  • fatigue
  • allergy
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • cancer
How to avoid getting one is up to us..Oral hygiene is the number one key and balance diet and getting daily dose of vitamin b12,folic acid and iron. If you have already have a mouth ulcer/canker sore now,try mouth wash with antibacterial formula, or gargle warm water with salt and the most painful one is dashing the ulcer with salt. I myself have tried all this and it worked wonders for me.I must advice if you use the salt method try numbing the oral ulcer and the surrounding area with ice cube.


Yesterday i was just dropping my e-card on blogs when i made my way to i was in tears when i saw this:

I could not believe my eyes. Tears just started to flow,my daughter was sleeping on my lap and i just instinctively clutched her in my arms holding her tight..I cried for the child and for the mother who bore that child into this world.

How could we let this happen? It was also mentioned that :It was a 1994 Pulitzer Prize winning photo.The photographer Kevin Carter committed suicide 3 months after receiving the prize.The horrible images and haunting dreams he must have suffered because of this picture.

I could not even imagine the sorrow and pain the mother of the child going through.This was just a child, a child who should have been healthy , playing and laughing but instead, a dying child child so emancipated and very near deaths door that a vulture is waiting for death to claim the child...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My baby girl is growing up to fast. At exactly 10 months she took her first few steps. A step that says,I'm growing up mama,look what i can do..She still depends on me but time will come she will stop and do things on her own. For now i will enjoy each and every hugs and kisses i get from her. And i will keep looking forward to each and every tears that i wipe,bobo's that i kiss and every dribble i wipe.

Walking a little bit more and more steps everyday. She has become my little klutzy, accidental prone magnetizer. I kid you not,she gets more than a dozen bumps on the head and a couple of dozen more for falling on her butt.

Today PANIC AND SCARE was knocking on my doorstep. I was putting her down on the floor in the family room while i went to the kitchen to check on dinner, i had just taken but a few steps when i heard a thump and a big scream coming from her. I rushed to her side and swept her up in my arms and comforting her.She screamed her head off and had her little face buried in my shirt.I put my hand on the side of her face to calm her down. I got a bloody hand,she was bleeding..


She was bleeding from her mouth.Took her outside,Ralph and kayla were just getting on the deck when i shouted :


My shirt got blood and I was shaking inside. Close to tears i was but i had to hold it together.I had to think,went inside to get some ice and let her suck on it to stop the bleeding.It stopped, but my heart was still racing.After a few minutes she is alright, she was laughing again like nothing happened.So this is how it feels when your child gets hurt.Id rather see my own blood than my children's.

As i rocked her to sleep my thoughts traveled in time,a time where she was older.Will she still need me as much as I need her?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


As a mother I applaud Gov. Palin for her honesty and for being PRO LIFE,but I'm also greatly disappointed as to why a Mother who is a supporter of abstinence could have a 17 yrs old pregnant daughter.I was disgusted to hear when a press statement was release saying they are happy and that the kids will get married..WHAT?!@#

What does a 17 yr old girl know about marriage. If i was here i would be devastated for the future that my daughter could have had. I would have cried for the my daughter.She is only a child herself,it made me ask where was Gov Palin?Couldnt she have seen the sign of her daughter's actions?I fear now that more and more teenagers will think that being sexually active is ok.

No matter what our children's action will always come to bite us in the ASS!I feel bad for all the mother's out there who have teenage daughters that are pregnant. Who is to blame? the PARENTS,SOCIETY,MEDIA OR HOLLYWOOD?


Monday, September 1, 2008


Last night i distinctly remember laying down with my husband.For the past days i have been camping on my daughters floor in her room. Hey,my husband and I didnt fight if thats what your thinking.The baby wasnt feeling good lately and it was better for me to stay in her room so when she wakes up all i have to do is stand by her crib and pat her or just give her her pacifier.

With that explained,I was so exhausted and sleepy,i just zonked off.The next thing i now i was woken up by this pitter patter of feet crawling on the hardwood floor. It was by 10 month old baby girl..She was crawling out the door going to our room.The first thing i said was "OH MY GOD!" and kept repeating it over and over again. Luckily my husband jumped out of bed and went to the baby thinking that i was still asleep on the floor..As soon as the baby saw him,she did a u turn and crawl right back in the room. i just scooped her up and just said :

" Langga(beloved)how did you open the door.?"
" my god honey,i cant remember how i got here.good thing you woke up "
It was still my mother's instinct that woke me up when i heard her crawling out the door. the morning before that i was telling my mother in law that we have to get gates around the house specially for upstairs in case i fell asleep and the door is open. But, still i felt guilty and in shock. I never remembered getting up and getting the baby out of her crib to lay her down on the floor next to me.. And when i do,i always always make sure i reallyl close the door.I kept thinking and trying to remember how i got in her room and how come i couldnt remember.I was never like this..
But last night,was and is still a mystery to me.

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