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Friday, September 26, 2008


I got my yearly physical exams today. The verdict "I'M AS HEALTHY AS A HORSE!" Also got my shots and had a TB skin test done. I will have to go back on Monday for them to read it. And also ill be getting my cholesterol test done,which mother in law so wants to know coz of my eating habits. She wants to know if i have a high cholesterol since i eat a lot of greasy food and i eat chicken skin,fats and such.

I also went to get my record for my HIV and RPR or RPN at my OBGYN. One of the nurse came out and talked to me and asked how my baby was. I wanted the baby to go in but she fell asleep in the car so i left her with husband. Ill be returning there anyway next month for my pop smear.

Before we got those done we had to go to walmart for some winter clothes shopping for Kayla. The girl grows out of her clothes like nothing. We got a whole bunch of clothes for her and she liked each and everyone we got for her. I also got a few stuff like matching sweatpants and long sleeved shirt. Baby got a few to even though we already went clothes shopping for her earlier.

So now,I'm arm is just hurting from the tetanus and diptheria shot and I'm pooped. I'm signing off for now..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting my post in my blog. You have cute and beautiful child. Keep in touch.

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

this is good news. congratulations! my daughter has tonsilitis now and is under the weather. hopefully she'll get well soon.


Anonymous said...

nice to know that you're as healthy as a horse.

i just wonder... why are we compared to a horse? horses do get sick too right? libog ko aning english. hehehe!


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