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Saturday, March 20, 2010


While at Kmart today I happened to glanced at the many tabloid magazines near the check out counter. I happen to notice this article of Heidi Montag and Heather Locklear side by side. They were saying that the bombshell that has becomes famous for her notorious procedure done could looks like Heather Locklear when she is older. I always wonder why she thought she had to get 10 procedures done. I thought she already looked beautiful and sexy before she had all those surgery done. She looks good not but a much much older version of herself. Do you think women in Hollywood are obsessed with looking younger and more beautiful? I bet you they probably have a little booklet full of beauty secret that includes, skin firming creams, best anti wrinkle creams, acne products, eye cream and so much more. I do not know why we women put such burden on ourselves to look something we are not. It's a pity that we are sending out the wrong message to our young girls today. I hope that when my kids are older they will realize that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. It is up to us to teach our kids that Beauty is not only physical but how you perceive it and let it come out.


We have been out since 10 a.m. this morning and just got home about an hour ago. Spent probably 2 hours in Kmart just browsing around and getting the kids some stuff. While there I stopped at the cosmetic isle to check out the make-ups and some facial cleanser for my skin. There was a whole bunch and an isle full dedicated to women's facial skin care. I don't even know half what of them are for, It makes me leery about reading all the chemicals that are in the product that I can't even read,lol. I am better off on making my own home remedy for acne, this way I know what I am putting on my skin. It's probably not that hard to do, I know of some by browsing and reading some blogs that specialize in home made products ranging from soap, shampoo, lotion and many more. Its also cheaper making your own remedial solution for your skin and this way you can personalize it just for you.


That my friends is a picture of Kayla lying down on a dentists chair. We got her out of school early this month for our routine dental check up. Kayla was a trooper while being cleaned and examined by the dental hygenist even though I nor her daddy was not around. We had an appointment for all three of us and Ralph got called first. He took Kayla with him to let her see and assure her that when it was her turn she has nothing to be scared of. I was in the waiting area with Kaitlyn until I was informed by the staff that they were already working on Kayla and wanted to inform me. Of course I wanted to be there so Kaitlyn tagged along with me to where her big sissy was. I was so proud of Kayla for being so good and cooperative. Because she was so calm and happy about it, Kaitlyn in turn got the vibe that it was not scary at all. That was one of the reason why we took the little one with us so that when she will finally be seen by our dentist the next year she won't panic and have any fear of dentists like me. Seeing how relaxed her big sissy was while they were cleaning her teeth I am pretty sure we won't have a problem with Kaitlyn being seen by the dentist. I am really crossing my finger that Kaitlyn won't be scared of dentist like I was at her age.


Watching my favorite shows is just one of the ways I entertain myself. While I was pregnant with my youngest I used to watch medical shows like crazy, although I won't exclude my other non medical show. The one show that had me really laughing was My Wife and Kids starring Damon Wayans. One episode was about Michael (Wayans) getting a Colonoscopy to check his Colon for any abnormalities or problems. It was just so darn funny when it came to the part where the doctor was holding the instrument to be used for the procedure and breaking out into a song number. Mind you it just had me laughing like crazy. But before he had the procedure I think he had to prepare his body by taking some colon cleanse products. If a remembered correctly after the show ended Damon encouraged people specially of African American race to have their Colon checked. It was a funny episode but It also carried a public health service to make people aware that having routine Colon check up can help detect and catch Colon cancer at its earliest stage and have early treatment done. My MIL herself is thinking about getting her Colon checked and has been talking to Ralph about it. Whatever her decision is she know that she can always count on me and her sons to be their for her.

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