The Designers Chic

Saturday, March 20, 2010


That my friends is a picture of Kayla lying down on a dentists chair. We got her out of school early this month for our routine dental check up. Kayla was a trooper while being cleaned and examined by the dental hygenist even though I nor her daddy was not around. We had an appointment for all three of us and Ralph got called first. He took Kayla with him to let her see and assure her that when it was her turn she has nothing to be scared of. I was in the waiting area with Kaitlyn until I was informed by the staff that they were already working on Kayla and wanted to inform me. Of course I wanted to be there so Kaitlyn tagged along with me to where her big sissy was. I was so proud of Kayla for being so good and cooperative. Because she was so calm and happy about it, Kaitlyn in turn got the vibe that it was not scary at all. That was one of the reason why we took the little one with us so that when she will finally be seen by our dentist the next year she won't panic and have any fear of dentists like me. Seeing how relaxed her big sissy was while they were cleaning her teeth I am pretty sure we won't have a problem with Kaitlyn being seen by the dentist. I am really crossing my finger that Kaitlyn won't be scared of dentist like I was at her age.



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