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Friday, September 12, 2008


As a wife of a Police Officer,fear,anxiety is not new to me. Everytime my husband walks out of the door my heart skips a beat. At the back of my mind i always wonder what its like for my husband. I feel like im still getting the better end of the deal taking care of the kids at home.I still get to watch t.v take naps here and there and most of all i get to spend time with the kids.Having to work on a shifting schedule can be rough to a persons health. I worry so much for him,for his health,emotional well being and for his safety. Being assigned on the traffice division,he gets to arrest people on DUI charges,traffic violations and other crimes.

We are so proud of DADDY, even though he is not with us all the time he still makes it a point to always call us anytime of the day and check on us. That is why when my husband comes home i try to do special things for him like massaging his back, and his tired feet. I make it a point to put out his clothes when he goes to work. Put sticky notes on the door,mirror so when he comes home he can see them. This are just the little things i do for him to let him know how much i appreciate him for working so hard.

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