The Designers Chic

Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is an update on my previous blog post here. I wrote about our early Valentines/5th wedding anniversary. I have been forgetful as of late. Its more like a norm for me now,forgetting about everything even as simple as water on a vase. And we all know if we don't put water on a vase, a plant withers and eventually dies to go to flower heaven. Due to my absentmindedness, I was informed by my youngest that the flowers her daddy gave me were dead. I didn't believe her until I saw the evidence. Right where I left it my roses had withered due to no water in a vase. How could one forget about putting water? I was actually just cutting the flowers to a right length and I was going to arrange them better. I must have gotten side tracked because I forgot to put water.

I felt so horrible. While I felt bad my husband on the other hand was laughing at me. He could not believe I forgot to put water. I scramble to save my flowers but only 3 survived. At least my husband didn't get offended. From now on I will put water first before I cut and arrange any flowers,lol

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