The Designers Chic

Saturday, April 28, 2012


With the weather suddenly turning cold, I have limited the kids time outside in the backyard. I feel that with the changing of the temperature from warm, very warm to suddenly cold will wreck havoc on my kids health. Anyway, my kids have a lot of toys and activities to occupy them inside the house. I wonder how the weather is in Minnesota? Just recently a friend of mine from high school just bought their very first house. She and her husband are now proud homeowners of a 3 bedroom house. If we only lived in the same state i would already be in a tizzy looking any cheap housewarming gift ideas. What would the perfect house warming gift be? If it were up to be I'd probably give them a nice picture frame of my family so they can hang them up among the many photos of their friends.I am so happy and excited for them. Will have to ask her to take more pictures of the new house. I wish I could see her and her sister in Minnesota. That will have to be added to my list of people to see...

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