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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer, mall and jewelries

Is summer almost over? It feels like it has just begun. The first few days of summer was wet and days of scattered thunderstorms. I must say, I did enjoy that week where we had the heat advisory. Weather felt like back home in my hometown Cebu, Philipines. Going to the mall feels nice to see all the summer clothes out on display. Summer is the only time I can really enjoy wearing short sleeved shirts. My daughter loves going to the mall and seeing other ladies walking around. She likes to admire what they are wearing and the jewelries they use to accessorize. Acessorizing is the key to making a very simple garment stand out. It doesn't have to be real, expensive jewelry. When I was still single I used to help my mom make fashion accessories. It's ironic that I know how accessories are made but I only have a handful of them. What I would like thou is a new engagement ring. Probably a bigger one? Nah, just a matching engagement ring and wedding band that fits my finger. There are so many jewelry store to choose from, is among one of the many stores. Hubby will have to surprise me one day. I'm not holding my breath, there are more important things we can focus on than jewelry. But, he knows I would love to receive jewelry. Maybe for our 10th anniversary?

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