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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Halloween is just lurking around the corner,waiting to pounce on all the little girls and boys who love to dress up one day of the year. They can be anybody they want and not have to worry about looking like a dork or looking weird..In fact, the weirder your costume or outfit is the more you fit right in. Last year i got my first glimpse of the cute boys and girls that braved the chilly night to go trick or treating be it with a parent ,sibling,relative or a friend. From the weirdest of weird, the cutest of cute and tiniest little darlings. Hearing the words " TRICK OR TREAT" and holding up little pumpkin basket or bags for the goodies to be dropped.My stepdaughter unfortunately was not able to celebrate her Halloween with us for it was her mom's turn. And my daughter was barely a month old then.

This year both my little girls will be going trick or treating together for the first time. We have not decided on what big sister will go as.For baby sister we may have a winner already. About 4 months ago we went on a garage sale in our neighbourhood and saw this black cat costume that would look cute on my daughter. Today was the day of reckoning if it will fit her. I was afraid it was going to be big on her for she is just a tiny little thing,i fondly call my firstborn my little midget. Much to our surprise it fit her like a glove. She looked so adorable and just so cute.
Now you tell me,does she not put a smile on your face?


Way back when teased hair bangs was all the rave my cousin found some daily stuff that actually,sometimes more than a hairspray.Those were the days were a lot of girls teased there hair so much on both sides of the head to have what i call the cobra look or have the tall fringe bangs look that adds height,lol.

These were some of the things WE USED:

BEER (san miguel)
TOOTHPASTE (any brand)
SNOWBEAR (candy)

Weird stuff but hey they worked back then,lol....

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