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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Way back when teased hair bangs was all the rave my cousin found some daily stuff that actually,sometimes more than a hairspray.Those were the days were a lot of girls teased there hair so much on both sides of the head to have what i call the cobra look or have the tall fringe bangs look that adds height,lol.

These were some of the things WE USED:

BEER (san miguel)
TOOTHPASTE (any brand)
SNOWBEAR (candy)

Weird stuff but hey they worked back then,lol....


Laura said...

I totally had the big hair, but we never used any of those things when we ran out of hairspray. Interesting...

simplyjacy said...

hello lods!

we actually tried those when we were still young and we were performing in our community show. since we couldn't afford hairspray or the popular spray net, we just had those placed in our hair instead.

perting katul-id, matugpahan ug langaw lagi. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

hahaha how about some Granny Hairspry like AQUA NET lol!

~ Christopher ~

lifemarriagekids said...

hi laura,i wish i was the girl with the big hair.i always envy girls with thick big hairs.

lifemarriagekids said...

those were the days right jacy?kung wla hairpray hala itlog or beer or toothpast,hehehehe

lifemarriagekids said...

aquanet,heheeh...that was the most popular brand way back when i was in elem and highschool,hehehehe..thanks for remindig me christopher,heheh

Anonymous said...

lol your welcome :PPPPPP

~ Christopher ~


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