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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Coming home to Cebu has been very stressful on me mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Planning on what gifts to buy and what clothes to bring is so stressful. You have to write down each and everyone of your relatives so you wont forget to buy them something. The other hassle is thinking about the right thing to get for them specially the men. With the women I have no problems, I just buy a bunch of Victoria Secret stuff and give them out. The men on the other hand are more of a problem on what to get them. I bought some shirts for the male relatives but I got a headache thinking about the sizes and if it will fit or not. I was so tempted to just buy wholesale clothes to bring back home. I just hope that my relatives won't be disappointed with what I will be giving them. The important thing is it came from the heart and i thought of them. As the saying goes " It's the thought that counts ".


Got a big surprise today, my cousin Dominic came by to see me. We both got so emotional hugging each other, we missed each other so much. After the much needed hug we perused each other and smiled at how much we both have changed. According to him,I have not changed one bit and I still look young. As for him, he has gained a lot of weight since I last saw him. He still needs medication for his face, maybe pronexin can help control his acne and breakouts. I just miss him so much and we talked about the fun times we did while I was in Manila waiting for the process of my Visa. It was such fun times and memorable. For now he crashed on our couch and I am sure that when he wakes up we will start talking where we left off. I can't wait to see the rest of my relatives specially my maternal grandparents in a couple of days. I love my family!


At long last my one and only sister Mitzi "chay" finally got to hold her first niece in her arms. She was so surprised to finally see Kaitlyn in person, can't believe she has such a small face. I could tell that the bond was automatic and she just loves her little niece. Mama 2 is what Kaitlyn calls my sister and was just talking away when we got in the car. It was like she knew my sister all along and no hesitation on her part. On the other hand my sister could not get over how small Kaitlyn's face was in person. It was so surreal watching the two of them together, my oldest sister and my daughter. My sister is good with people but she is specially great with kids. When my sister leaves at night to go home to her boarding house coz she has school the next day, Kaitlyn gives her a big hug and kiss. She looks for her Mama 2 as soon as she wakes up and constantly asks for her. As soon as my sister walks through the door she greets her with a big smile and a hug saying" you're home, I missed you". It makes my sister's day.


Coming back home for a visit is amazing. A lot of things have changed, everything looks the same but different. The weather is just crazy hot. It feels like your are in an oven and that every air in your body is being sucked out from you. I miss my home country but I have also learned to love my adopted country, America. The perks of coming back home is the joy of enjoying the foods I have missed. Only a few days of eating and I feel like I have gained more than 10 pounds and its all in my stomach. If my sister can make delicious food from an hcg diet recipes then I will be in heaven.I am on a vacation so I will eat whatever I want and will just deal with the consequence after my trip,lol.

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