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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Isn't it amazing how everything is so easy in this generation? Long gone were the days were we are tied up with only the phone in our houses. We didn't have any mobile phones back then to bring around with us to keep us connected with our loved ones. My MIL and I talk about how it used to be without the technology and the gadgets of today. She is one of those few mature people that keeps in touch with technology. One of the few things that fascinate her is the advancement of smart phones. It amazes her how such a small device can contain so much information and can do so much as well. When we got out new phones she also got a new one herself. It wasn't a smart phone as she wasn't ready for it yet. I saw that my MIL is slowly asking more and more questions about smart phones and I think she is ready for one. There are a lot of smart phones out in the market and htc virgin could be one of the few choices she can pick from.It will be interesting to see though her using a touch screen phone with her arthritic fingers. I don't think its going to stop her from staying on top of technology and connected to the world wide web.

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