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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Who said saying goodbye would be easy? Ghost Whisperer is bidding adieu to its millions of viewers for the last time Friday May 21. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the news that Ghost Whisperer was one of the shows that CBS is not canceling. I have been an avid viewer of the show and believes its a mistake that that they are letting go of the show. At first I did not want to watch it because of Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays Melinda Gordon the woman who can see and speak to ghost. My MIL got me hooked on the show and I just fell in love with Melinda and I joined in all her quest in finding peace and crossing over the spirit to the light. I just hope that the rumors are true that ABC will pick up the show. If not, a part of my spirit will be wandering in TV land waiting for Melinda Gordon to cross me over to the light.


I am not feeling good today. I just got my monthly visit from mother nature which means I am definitely not pregnant. No wonder I have been getting those massive headaches for the past 2 days. The weather today blend with my mood of just feeling blah. I decided not to go with Ralph to pick up Kayla in Baltimore, instead I did fold the rest of the laundry that has been screaming my name. I did enjoy peace and quiet watching my favorite shows whilst laying on my new couch, lol. Summer is creeping up fast, the news is full of ways to slim down and get that bikini bod. The news also happen to mention about ways of making your legs look sexier and ready for the summer. I wonder if they were going to do a segment about cellulite and cellulite cure, varicose veins, spider viens, and so much more. I never had a problem with those when I was still single. My friends and family all agree that I have a killer legs. Let me correct that, they did. I am not to worried about it though, I have more things to worry about like my expanding belly fat,lol.

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