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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Pets are not only animals they we take care of, they are part of our family. Last week we had such a big scare, Smokey my MIL grey cat got so ill. Smokey is a big fat cat with a leave me alone personality. Last week MIL noticed that he was struggling to breathe and was just laying down and not move for long hours. She got so emotional thinking that he may die anytime soon. He did not eat for about 4 days and he lost a lot of weight. I took the photo here at night when Smokey was still so sick. Sunny our dog with his E-collar still on felt the need to comfort Smokey. Normally Sunny could not get near Smokey for he would sneer and attack him but this night he was so sick that he just laid down on the floor for the longest time. Sunny saw him and just laid down beside him. He refuses to leave him alone and by the look on his eyes you could tell that Sunny was really concerned about the Alpha Cat in the family. Usually at night when its just me and him, he would follow me around in every room I would go into but on this night he just laid down with Smokey. That got me so scared that maybe Smokey was going to die that night. Isn't it surprising how even animals feels compassion and concern? I realized right then and there that Sunny is indeed the perfect dog for our family. As for Smokey he may be mean and ornery sometimes but Kaitlyn loves him to death and adores him. He would have been missed had he died... Thankfully Smokey overcame whatever he was feeling and he is almost back to his normal self. I guess it also means Sunny can no longer snuggle up to him,lol... I'm just happy that our family pets are all okay.

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