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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lazy weekend

Weekends are usually lazy days for all of us.. That means sleeping in past 9 am and staying in our pj's all day long. We did go to a couple of stores to get some much needed supplies like my rice but other than that we just stayed home. The kids were busy playing with each other, fight broke out here and there. And of course Mama is the referee and judge. While kids were busy playing I was surfing online and browsing through other people post on FB. I also frequent my favorite site hoping to catch great deals from food, clothing, toys, household items, accessories and many more. As it happens there was a good deal for sterling silver jewelry just what my sister likes. I wasn't able to take advantage of it but I know something will come up again. My sister is graduating from her culinary course in June. It would make a great gift for her. Well, I still have a few months left so have plenty of time to decide what her graduation present will be.


Went to BJ's today to get Jasmine Rice. While there I saw one of my favorite fruit, the Pomelo

According to Wikipedia = Pomelo or Citrus maxima or citrus grandis - is a crisp citrus fruit native of South and South East Asia.

I have so many fond memories of the pomelo fruit growing up. My maternal grandparents used to take us to the our rice farm. Grandma made it point to plant a lot of fruits. It was always a treat for us when we go to the farm. We had our fill of many kids of fruits. Mangoes, chicos, tambis, pomelo, tangerines, coconut and many more to mention. My cousins nanny would make phones out of the pomelo rinds. The pomelo is always eaten with salt or vinegar with salt. I prefer vinegar and salt when eating the pomelo. I cannot have enough of the fruit. I used to relish my portion of pomelo but eating it one pulp at a time. When I saw the fruit at BJ's today I had to buy it. It is expensive but, I get to splurge sometimes and I love to splurge on food.. Have you tired one?

Unique wedding favors

It feel like it was just a couple of days ago that we were gearing up the the New Year. And now were are approaching the middle of January. Before we know it well be preparing for Christmas.

Now that New Year is out of the way I can focus and plan on my upcoming vacation to my homeland,the Philippines. I am not just excited about going home but also to be art of my cousins upcoming nuptial. We grew up together and are like two peas in pod. Her nuptial is much awaited as its been a long time coming. As her cousin and partner in crime, I am happy that she has finally found the man of her dreams and settle down. We have been in contact and talk about her upcoming wedding constantly.

Weddings are not easy to plan as I thought. If you don't have a clue in where and how to start planning one, then you are in big trouble. Luckily, that is where a wedding planner comes into play. My cousin works as a flight attendant and is based in another country. It's specially hard on her. An older cousin and I are doing our part in helping her with anything she wants. However, I have forgotten to ask her about her wedding favors. Knowing her, she is bound to choose a unique wedding favors that will be memorable and fun. It will be something that will truly showcase the love that they both share. Unique wedding favors doesn't have to be expensive, the important thing is how it will represent both the groom and bride. To share with their guest their love for each other. I cannot wait to find out what they have chosen. I have a few ideas myself but I'll leave it all up to her for now.

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