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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Went to BJ's today to get Jasmine Rice. While there I saw one of my favorite fruit, the Pomelo

According to Wikipedia = Pomelo or Citrus maxima or citrus grandis - is a crisp citrus fruit native of South and South East Asia.

I have so many fond memories of the pomelo fruit growing up. My maternal grandparents used to take us to the our rice farm. Grandma made it point to plant a lot of fruits. It was always a treat for us when we go to the farm. We had our fill of many kids of fruits. Mangoes, chicos, tambis, pomelo, tangerines, coconut and many more to mention. My cousins nanny would make phones out of the pomelo rinds. The pomelo is always eaten with salt or vinegar with salt. I prefer vinegar and salt when eating the pomelo. I cannot have enough of the fruit. I used to relish my portion of pomelo but eating it one pulp at a time. When I saw the fruit at BJ's today I had to buy it. It is expensive but, I get to splurge sometimes and I love to splurge on food.. Have you tired one?



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