The Designers Chic

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just this month we finally got a recycling bin delivered. Yes, we are recycling in our house. We should have started recycling that week we decided to clean up the basement. Our basement was filled not just with junk but a big load of box. Some of the boxes from when Ralph moved in the house but most of the box were accumulated from 4 years of living. When we cleaned the basement we had help from Ralph nephew. Ralph had so much tools in the basement but could not find one measly box cutters. We had to made do with using a knife. After all the boxes were collapsed and ready for garbage day It was when I found a box cutter in one of the drawers,lol. At least we got all that crap hauled away and we are earnestly trying to keep things organized. The downside to recycling is that recycle bins don't get picked up regularly but only twice a month. Its a start...

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