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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I decide to trim Kayla's hair yesterday when she came home with a little bit of gum stuck to the tips of her hair. Her hair needed the trim anyways. So off we went to have a bath with her sister of course in tow. I washed Kayla first while Kaitlyn played in the tub with her. After I was done putting tons of conditioner and washing out her hair I let her stand outside the tub. I filled the tub up with a little bit of water so Kaitlyn will keep playing and not disturb us. While I was trimming her hair Kaitlyn would interrupt whining wanting the hair out of her fingers and I would of course get the hairs out. I kept trimming Kayla's hair when all of a sudden Kaitlyn kept saying eyew!! so many times and from the corner of my eye I could see she was handing me something. I turned my head to look and take whatever she was handing to me with disgust in her voice and face. To my shock she was holding her POOP!! I screamed and I was so frazzled I just cupped my hands and told her to drop her poop on my hands. I turned around and drop the POOP in the toilet. I then proceeded to drain the tub, watch both our hands and frantically smelled her mouth for fear that she might have put her poop in her mouth. Thank God I did not smell anything in her mouth. Kayla was laughing so hard and so was I after that incident. Kids are so funny, they make life interesting.

Whats your kids poop story? Care to share it?

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