The Designers Chic

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am so exhausted. My cousins family just left last night before 12 midnight. They were going to stay one more night but decided against it. Her husband wanted to be on the road so that they won't hit to much traffic. They had a long drive ahead of them going to Chicago. I hated seeing them go but in a way I gave a sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want to get rid of them but I wanted to rest, lol. The few days that they spent with us was great. My cousin and I had so much fun, we connected in a different way this time. I guess its because we are both mom and marred. We talked about a lot of things ranging from our kids, our husband, our childhood and most of all our couponing, lol. Yes, my cousin was ecstatic to find out I was already couponing. She is more of a newbie than me so I taught her some of the things I learn along the way. It was a great few days and I can't wait to have them here again. Now, I just need a few days to recharge my batteries. I don't feel like blogging at all. All I want to do is go to sleep for a week and not do any chores! How was your Thanksgiving?

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