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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It has been 2 years since Ralph won his court battle to gain residential custody of his daughter. He fought hard to get her back. Due to the expense he had to let go of his lawyer and did it on his own. His battle with the court was just starting when I got here in America. Ralph was constantly on the computer reading about custody and how to do it on his own. My husband is a very intelligent man and found the resources he needed on the internet. One of our guest room was full papers, files, documents and more file about his the custody battle. We had a photocopier, fax machine to help with his and all the motions he had to file. What he needed back then was document imaging to keep track of all his file. Even though he won the custody of his little girl that does not mean that it is over. We still need to keep track of all the file and motions that he had and the basement is not a good place for all of that. Hopefully Ralph still has all his documents in one place and is safe and dry. I would hate to think of him loosing his files.

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