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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Its been very hectic and stressful the past couple of days for both Ralph and I. Saturday I decided to take charge on loosing weight and used the Wii Fit again. While doing that the t.v kept turning off and I just brushed it off hoping it was a power surge or something. Sunday the television finally showed its last show, chocked and died on us. It was stressful on me, since Kaitlyn didn't have her usually shows to see she just kept following me and just rounding up a storm in our already cluttered house. I felt bad for Ralph since he knows we have to dip in our savings to buy a new television for the family room. Monday was busy with a lot of running around to do. We went to different stores to look and compare prices on television and finally settled on a 50" Sony Plasma Television and a new stand for it. As of Monday it is official, we are broke!!! With all that running around done and that lifting and organizing again, both of us need a well deserved vacation.

A vacation that we don't have to shell out any money since we don't have none so to speak. So I'm seriously considering about Kissimmee and the Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes. With our financial situation, that is the only way we can have that relaxing vacation we so richly deserve. The kids can always have fun in any of the world famous theme parks and water parks they have. This time I'm thinking more on something Ralph and I would enjoy. Ralph loves to play golf on the Wii so why not let him have a day of private golf lesson from a pro, and I will enjoy a day of pampering. That is what I call a body and soul relaxing vacation. For all you guys reading this and want a free vacation, join in the Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes. Prices at stake:
  • 3 weekend getaways (3d/2n) for 2
  • 2 week long vacations for 4
Drawings are as follows: 4/1/09, 5/1/09, 6/1/09. I don't know about you guys but I'm joining in this once in a lifetime free vacation to Kissimmee.



Photos were taken after Kayla's awarding ceremony last Friday. Kaitlyn wanted to be with her sister so bad that she kept following her and even went as far as going inside Kayla's art room class. The teacher didnt even see that she had an extra student on her hand, lol. We signed her out of her art class and we went to her room to get her book bag. Second photo was Kayla showing her baby sister where they sit down for story time and circle time. She showed her baby sister everything in the classroom and was so proud to introduce her baby sister to her teacher Ms. Fisher. She is such a good girl and little or big achievements we are proud of you manang..


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