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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Trying to figure out how to maneuver my way thru this blogging gig is creating a SHORT CIRCUIT in MY BRAIN!!!
I am not a computer whiz or anything close to it, i call myself the knucklehead for not being
able to figure out the simplest of directions! and ggrrrrrrhhh! it is driving me up the wall. I am not embarrass to admit to my friends that i don't know anything about computers. Atop from getting tired from taking care of the kids i get a throbbing headache figuring out things here . but hey,soon enough I'm pretty pretty sure ill get the handle around things here.Its just gonna need some time and more trial and error and if worse comes to worse ill just call on to my friends to rescue me from this tangled mess that i have made for myself.
Relax,breathe and just write...
Blogging is suppose to be like your online journal. Well,at least i have a place to write all the things i gripe and whine about and all the things i am most thankful for. I just need to focus and think.My husband hates when i feel sorry for myself and when i get this self doubt thing going on. It doesn't happen all the time. I have to be positive.. A good nights rest to clear my foggy overworked brain today will do me fine.
Remember : your one hot smart sexy mama!!!!

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