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Monday, February 8, 2010


Bbbrrrrggggghhhhhh! As you may well know Washington, Baltimore Maryland, Delaware, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and New York was hit by a big snow storm that started last Friday Feb. 5 and went on until the next day Feb 6,2010. Most schools in the Northern part had early dismissal in case the storm started early. The first snow flakes didn't start falling until around 3:30 in the afternoon and it was so small that you could barely see it. Around 4 was when it stated coming down fast but not as hard. I was so worried with hubby at work with the slippery road there is bound to be a lot of accidents.

The very next day we were all greeted by a sea of snow all around us. Our front porch was covered by about 2-5 inches of snow. Even though the storm hasn't stopped I hurriedly bundled up the kids so they could play outside.

My poor princess bruiser got buried and stuck so many times that she just wanted to be carried. She could not walk in the deep snow for fear of getting her feet stuck.

That is how deep the snow is in front of the house. It's over Kayla's knee but that didn't stop her from walking around and exploring the stark vast area covered with snow.
Amazingly a bald patch of ground was left underneath this tree beside our house. The wind and drift of snow skipped this area and left it with not even half and inch of snow. I tell you this was the only spot outside that didn't get buried with snow.

The whole family minus me of course since I am the photographer. Our dog is even present beside Kaitlyn enjoying the cool snow on his body. Like the good daddy that he is, he woke up to play with his kids even if he had to go to work a few hours after.

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