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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Speaking about blogs and layout have you checked out my other blog? I just had a layout overhaul to make it look prettier and more organized. I have been blogging since August of last year and so far so good i have survived. For those who want to start blogging and want to host your blog but have no idea which one is the best just give this a look : dedicated server.You will eventually find a good web hosting guide for you.


Whats with PR? This main blog of mine has not gotten any pr as of yet however my other blog Mama's Sanity got pr2 then lost it when i transferred it to my new domain. Could someone please help me understand why when i check my URL using the blogspot account i get a ranking of pr2 on both blogs but when i check using my URL domain i have none. I have no idea how this works and it sucks not getting a PageRank. Getting a pr would mean more opps for me to write but hey i guess i cant have everything i want right?

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